Full Roundup of Yale’s Title IX Complaint

As everyone knows, things have been blowing up left and right this weekend on how Yale students filed a Title IX complaint against the University on March 15.

Here is IG’s comprehensive roundup of the story:

March 31st

To see what happend on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, follow the jump.

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Gender-Neutral Housing Tabled in New Haven, Yale still trailing Everyone

yaleThe YDN reported yesterday that gender-neutral housing would continue NOT to be offered in the Yale residential college system next year. While the Elis busted out their intergalactic decision-making body, the “Council of Masters,” the University wanted further study before implementing what would have been a college-wide housing policy to allow mixed-gender rooming groups, a change that the University believes has only existed on smaller scales at other schools. The policy is particularly relevant to the LGBT community who have long fought for gender-neutral rights on campuses nationwide.

To make matters worse, Harvard already solved the scale issue a couple years ago by allowing students to apply for gender-neutral housing on a case by case basis. Last year, students were also given the option to select “transgender” on housing forms, one further step towards transparency in the process. Likewise, Brown implemented a pilot-program in 2008 that expanded a 2003 program and now allows about a third of non-freshman rooms to be gender-neutral. Cornell, Dartmouth, and Penn have all had comparable programs in place since 2007.

So what gives, Yale? Everyone thought you guys were open-minded and stuff, but now you’re starting to come off as a bit of a bigot about all this issue. (Oh, and Princeton, too.) Read student respones and sign up for the sleep-in after the jump.

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