UPDATE: Yale Makeout Prank Pics! R U DTMO?

Last night, famed Yale prankmasters, the Pundits, invaded a Yale Political Union debate on “Rejecting Hookup Culture” to express their views. They vigorously made out with one another in the lecture hall, for several minutes. The event was BYOMP (Bring Your Own Makeout Partner), and the horny horde was decidedly DTMO (Down To Make Out). We promised you pics; with the help of Cross Campus, we’re coming through in a pinch. After the jump, feast your eyes.

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BREAKING: Pranksters Disrupt Yale Debate with Steamy Makeout Sesh

The super cool kidz at the Yale Political Union were rudely and ironically interrupted this evening, mid-debate. Their resolution? “Resolved: Reject Hookup Culture.” Yale prank crusaders, the Pundits–along with some willing volunteers–were decidedly in the negative: they stood up in the middle of the pretentious discourse and proceeded to make out with another… for several minutes. The YPU suits were shocked and awed. Sex Week just keeps on giving. Pictures hopefully forthcoming.