Winklevoss Twins Fire Back in Quarrel Everyone Else Already Forgot; Also Suffer Another Legal Setback

It’s tough to tell if the Winklevoss twins are losing more often these days in the court of law or the court of public opinion. Their remixed lawsuit against Facebook was thrown out of court on Friday when “Facebook had successfully argued that the claims made by the founders of ConnectU had already been dismissed by the courts.” AKA the Winklevosses already complained about this alleged instant message coverup, and no one cared.

After former Harvard President Larry Summers insinuated last week that the two were “assholes” for wearing jackets and ties in an afternoon meeting, the Winklevosses felt compelled to fire back in an e-mail to Summers’ successor, Drew Gilpin Faust. Angry e-mails to university presidents are almost always a good decision.

The Winklevosses (and Divya Narendra, that poor, perpetually forgotten third wheel of the Facebook Creation Myth) called Summers “tactfully challenged,” claimed to find it “deeply disturbing that a professor of this university openly admits to making character judgments of students based on their appearance,” and explained that “ironically, our choice of attire that day was made out of respect and deference to the office of the President.” They also explain that they sent Summers a “polite and rather un-swaggering email” before the meeting, as if swaggering e-mails are the norm.

I don’t really get what these two three are seeking to gain by staying in the public eye any longer. They already have their big cashmoney settlement, and their portrayal in The Social Network (combined with nearly every detail of their not-so-sad sob story) ensures that populist sentiment will never, ever be on their side. Whatever the reasoning, schadenfreude blog nation thanks you, Winklevosses, for your ongoing theatrics.