Harvard Professor Brings Cow to Graze in Harvard Yard

Faith the CowHarvey Cox, Hollis Professor Emeritus of Divinity, exercised his 300 year-old right to graze his cow in Harvard Yard yesterday.

The Hollis chair, first held by Edward Wigglesworth in 1722, is the oldest endowed professorship in the country, and the perks match the needs of 18th century Harvard professors. (Might these also include the right to own house slaves and the liberty to beat women with thumb-sized sticks?)

Cox equates his cow grazing with saving the Earth, although the event itself seems a bit more niche. In front of a crowd of students, faculty and onlookers the cow, a Jersey named Faith, ate grass while a band of tubas played in celebration of Cox’s retirement. There was even a pretentiously titled Latin oration: Ager Secularis: Movere ad Deum et Ruminare.

This cow idea could spawn some budget solutions. And it could potentially revitalize the Cambridge meatpacking industry. Think Bartley’s best burger but MUCH fresher. And, in this case, blessed.

After the jump, more photos and a real live (think anticlimactic) video of Faith eating grass.

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