Fameball Libertarian Peddles Harvard Daughter for Fame and Money, Again

According to his own website, Columbia grad Wayne Allyn Root ’83 (pictured right, next to Bob Barr) is “one of the most dynamic, charismatic, colorful, passionate, fiery, and outspoken Libertarian-conservative political personalities in America today.” He’s also a “business star”, a “small businessman extraordinaire”, and a “passionate capitalist evangelist.” Root’s most significant accomplishment, however, is being famous for writing paranoid emails in which he vigorously doubts Barack Obama’s graduation from Columbia.

He’s also famous for treating his daughter, who was admitted to Harvard in 2010, as a show animal. In 2008, he enlisted Dakota Root ’14 to deliver his own nomination speech for the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate. And after Dakota got the big envelope from Harvard (and Yale, and Columbia, and elsewhere) Root immediately trotted her out on Fox News Channel—the entire story being that Dakota was homeschooled, and she got into Harvard. Also: Las Vegas’s public schools are really bad, so there. Unfortunately, Root did not seem to understand the irony of a radical libertarian sending his human issue to the least libertarian university imaginable, and bragging about it.

Two years after using his daughter to score political points, Root has written a magisterial essay on libertarianism’s idea of how education ought to work. (Root’s sole qualification here is the fact that his daughter got into Harvard, so you can trust his judgment.) Essentially, his big plan is: just be rich enough already to hire an army of private tutors for your children. So that’s how Dakota Root got into Harvard. Amazing. How has no one thought of this before?

While other kids spent their school days being indoctrinated to believe competition and winning are politically incorrect and hurt people’s feelings, Dakota was learning to relish competition and value winning.

While other kids were becoming experts at partying, Dakota was learning about sacrifice and discipline. While other kids were busy getting their drivers license at age 16, Dakota was studying for SAT exams, taking piano lessons, Spanish and French lessons, swimming lessons, tennis lessons, fencing lessons, and being tutored for academic excellence.

Listen, folks:

(It goes on.)

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