In Yale’s Most Popular Class, Rogue T.A. Accused University of Satanic Symbolism, Freemasonry, Mafia-Esque Conspiracy

The day before Yale’s Edward Barnaby fired Margherita Viggianothe graduate student and art-history T.A. who criticized her classmate for discussing the Virgin Mary’s “boobs”—a number of undergraduates who were enrolled in the famous art history lecture discovered that she had uploaded to the course’s server a long, bizarre PDF file about Yale’s art collection.

One of those students provided IvyGate with a copy of the PDF file. He tells us:

[The PDF] was visible to all the students. From what I’ve heard, [Viggiano] also sent out threatening emails to many of the other TAs, mostly relating to her Catholic faith and how she felt oppressed by Yale College. The “handout” contains lots of strange things about mysticism, Satanism, Freemasons, and just general insults to the University, including calling on students to sue for being taught secular lies. She also asserts that Yale has some kind of mafia connections.

He’s not joking. In a series of bracketed comments sprinkled throughout five pages of a book excerpt (taken from a history of Yale’s Art Gallery), Viggiano accuses her employer of, among other things, colluding with a clandestine network of Freemasons; arranging art with “satanic symbolism” in order to corrupt undergraduate students; organizing slander against various individuals; and being, in Viggiano’s wording, “a new Leviathan, the New-England sea-monster.”

A fifth-year graduate student in comparative literature, Viggiano openly doubts Yale’s integrity, frequently intimating that sinister forces steer decisions supposedly made by its administration. A sampling:

“Pact with the Devil”

Jarves had expected to sell the pictures individually in order to raise the necessary funds, but the day before the auction [typical Yale style] he learned that the College would only permit the sale of the collection en bloc [they had no right to do so, but they wanted to buy the collection for nothing]. Jarves was devastated [see what happens when you enter a pact with the devil].

“Freemason secret-societies”

The College bid $22, 000, and no further bids being offered, the collection was sold to Yale [that’s how they do it.] There appear to have been several reasons why no one bid against Yale for the collection [Freemasonic secret-societies have an internal system to relay information].

We’ve reached out to Viggiano for comment, re: the handout, but haven’t yet received a response. So much more (plus a copy of the original PDF file) after the jump:

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