Columbia Inter-Greek Council Warns Greeks Not To Let Accused Hazers ‘Forcefully Extract Information’

Following the recommendation of Columbia’s Inter-Greek Council Judicial Board, the school’s Zeta Beta Tau chapter lost its charter this week due to a hazing infraction, The Columbia Spectator reports. Although it has not been revealed what exactly ZBT did to lose recognition, their national organization will be appealing Columbia’s decision.

A tipster forwarded us an email sent Thursday night by the IGC’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing cautioning the Greek community to remain tightlipped and alert in this time of “heavy scrutiny.” Perhaps more seriously, he foresees a Columbia where the newly outlawed ZBT brothers have become modern thugs, terrorizing campus and turning Greek against fellow Greek. We imagine something like The Warriors. Or maybe Mad Max.

Our tipster sums it up pretty nicely: “Stick together, because we’re a Greek family … but watch out, because ZBT might try to forcibly extract information from you.” You know, because they haze.

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Penn Class of 2013 Board Members Manipulated into Supporting Youshaei — The Plot Thickens

IvyGate has found out more about the Class of 2013 student council headache. The email VP Internal Affairs Ben Watkins sent out — on behalf of the whole board! — endorsing incumbent Jonathon Youshaei was not in fact reflective of the board’s opinions. Indeed, an anonymous 2013 Class Board member exclusively tells us:

We were manipulated into signing this, and we were not made aware of the actual email being sent. Last I heard, a different member was sending it out, not Watkins, and the email was very different. The board does not stand firmly behind Youshaei. Youshaei told each of us that everyone else was supporting him and that we were needed for true unity. Turns out he told that to each one of us. We were lied to.

Youshaei’s “bargaining” skills alluded to by Watkins [“Youshaei loves to bargain,” etc.] involved trying to pay in cash and breaking/renegotiating deals after the service was rendered or an agreement had been made.

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