We are…not Penn State

A recent Harper Poll showed what we’ve always known to be true: no one respects UPenn.

When Pennsylvanians were asked which of the major in-state universities they respect most, 24% picked Penn State, versus UPenn at 17% (tied with Carnegie Mellon for second-most respected).

Meanwhile, the DP attempted to get readers to send in pictures of their Independence Days using hashtag “#DPIndependenceDay”. It seems to be going well.

[Image via Harper Polling]

IvyGate’s Obnoxious Comment of the Month Prize Goes to….

The Daily Pennsylvanian!

Last week Goldman Sachs announced a few changes to its two-year associate program, the firm’s main instrument of attracting Ivy Leaguers to lower Manhattan. For some reason The Daily Pennsylvanian  decided to report these changes, and while we think that says a lot—too much, almost—about the degree to which Wall Street has enmeshed itself in the Ivy League, Wharton especially, we’re grateful their reporter captured this boondoggle of a quote:

Karina Sengupta, College and Wharton senior, said the announcement is “the best thing that has happened to investment banking.”

Sengupta had an internship in asset management at Goldman over the summer. She is participating in on-campus recruiting for a variety of careers including banking.

“Goldman Sachs has a fantastic HR division that really knows how to keep talent,” Sengupta said. “This termination would let the firm keep people who are actually passionate about finance instead of just being in it for the money.”

Let’s look up a definition of “finance”:

noun /ˈfīnans/  /fəˈnans/

1. The management of large amounts of money, esp. by governments or large companies

Reworded slightly, the above quote actually means: “This termination would let the firm keep people who are actually passionate about the management of large amounts of money instead of just being in it for the money.” 

Glad we cleared that up.

Daily Pennsylvanian Kicks Harvard When They’re Down, Uses Cheating Scandal To Make Penn Feel Good

The recent Harvard University cheating scandal seems to be everywhere these days, and lest we forget, it’s not just affecting students in Cambridge: Its influence touches everyone in the Ivy League. An article today in The Daily Pennsylvanian takes the actions of the 125 Harvard students as an excuse to moralize about the superior virtue and integrity present in the student body of the University of Pennsylvania. As the article’s subheadline reads, “Some cite ‘cultural difference’ between the two universities.” Cultural differences between Penn and Harvard you say… Oh please, go on.

The piece is riddled with Harvard bashing from administrators and students alike, but, as noted above, the best part of it all is that they don’t just take their fellow Ivy down; they use the scandal as a way to idealize their own (eighth place) university. As one student says:

“There was a culture at Harvard where it was acceptable to collaborate on take-homes … That’s not allowed here. Students know a take-home is an exam that should be their own work.”

Yes, while Harvard students may have thought they were allowed to work with their classmates, no one needs to tell a Penn man or woman that such behavior is simply unacceptable. Collaboration? That’s not allowed at the University of Pennsylvania, everyone knows that.

A fellow student echoed the point:

“I understand the cutthroat nature of an Ivy League institution, but I’ve never felt the necessity to go beyond the realm of what is accepted.”

A Quaker can surely see the faults in others, and understand how such illicit dealings might prove tempting in order to get ahead in life, but partake in these activities? Never. Read the rest of this entry »

RagTime: Slept Late, Here It Is Edition

  • Columbia: “Another linguistic charm of the magazine’s name is the resemblance of ‘hoot’ to ‘haute’ as in ‘haute couture.'”
  • Yale: Facebook invitations now considered a journalistic source; nothing compares 2 u, Toad’s.
  • Dartmouth: Kim on MLK Day: “King would have loved this thing that I would have done anyway!”
  • Penn: Social networking for people who have no problem with networking IRL.
  • Cornell: “Before Lady Gaga, there was Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga.” There was music before Lady Gaga?!?! We can hardly remember…