CD-Y Either Won The Amazing Race or got his South Korean TV Personality Salary Early

Our favorite little Princeton celebrity and The Amazing Race contestant/ likely loser Connor Diemand-Yauman is getting the full star treatment back in Princeton.  People kept hush-hush about his TAR involvement/ probable loss because they knew how sore he’d be he hadn’t made it to the final round with fellow a cafella Jonathan Schwartz, but that didn’t stop the paparazzi.  We got this razzi-shot from an anonymous tipster who said:

My roomate stuck in Princeton doing research this summer saw him on Sunday on Nassau Street getting into his new car. I am almost positive he didnt have this on campus.

We’re still pretty sure he didn’t win the race because we spotted him on FB chat while the race was still being run, so what mysterious source of income could have paid for this car?  Schwartz’s singing career?  His close personal relationship with General Petraeus?  His South Korean TV career?  His parents who send him to an Ivy League school?

CD-Y, you never cease to bewilder us.

Here’s a close up of CD-Y opening the luxury vehicle to confirm it’s really him:

Aww.  Cheer up, CDY.  There’s so much more reality TV ahead of you.

CDY Spotted on Facebook Chat: Has he Already Lost The Amazing Race?

Connor Diemand-Yauman, the Princeton superstar/ campus celeb/ korean TV personality/ future reality TV celeb who iscompeting in this year’s This Amazing Race is definitively NOT the winner of this year’s race (TAR17).  CDY, whose partner is aca fella fellow Princetonian Jonathan Schwartz, was recently spotted on Facebook chat, confirming that he is currently not in Korea or LA, which is where the last legs of the race are being run.

Connor’s email address still automatically replies, “I will have intermittent internet access until June 20th. If this is
an emergency please call XXXXXXXXXX.”  According to The Amazing Race aficionados over at Reality Fan Forum, however, CD-Y was probably kicked out around the 4th leg of the journey, somewhere in Stockholm.  Connor and Jonathan successfully made it from Gloucester, MA to England, to Accra, Ghana, to Germany and then to Stockholm, which was their last reported sighting (on June 1st).

A word to Jonathan and Connor:  you haven’t just let yourselves down.  This is a big upset for everyone in the Ivy League.  You represented us, you were ambassadors sent into the world of reality television, sent to win The Amazing Race in honor of dear Victoria, who embarrassed us all with her not-top-model-worthy looks.  The Ivy League will suffer from this.

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Princetonian on The Amazing Race Gets a Private Commencement

These days when a Princetonian skips graduating with
his class in favor of  starting his reality television journey on The Amazing Race Princeton rolls out the red carpet.  Sending him out into the world to join the community of reality TV spin-offs and stardom without a final good-bye attended by CD-Y’s gal pal University President Shirley Tilghman and celebrity professor Cornel West is just not in the University’s nature.  CD-Y was not able to attend the official graduation from the college he loves so dearly on June 1st so according to this mega-fan he got to graduate in private at his own so-called “Mini-Commencement” on the 20th of May.  Amazing Race teammate and fellow celeb Jonathan Schwartz, (who starred as “Matt” in the Broadway show The Fantasticks) was not given similar Golden Child treatment.  I guess you have to win a Pyne Prize, pose with General Petraeus, star on Korean Television, and run USG to get a private graduation at Princeton.

According to Amazing Race freaks over at Reality Fan Forum Schwartz and CD-Y are members of Team Nassoon, named for the a cappella group the pair were members of in their days at Princeton.  They made it through the first leg of the journey which took place in Gloucester, MA and the pair then travelled to London (with a stop at Stonehenge) and then to Accra, Ghana.  Reality TV freaks at Reality Fan Forum and  Survivor Sucks are abuzz with news, rumors, speculations about TAR17.  We’ve found out that the team is doing well so far and that an interesting connection has been made between Jonathan and Amazing Race 13 winner Nick Spangler: both played the same part in The Fantasticks.

If the pair don’t get into a fight about which one is more beloved by the University (duh it’s CD-Y) they may stand a good chance of winning.

Princetonians/ Nassoons/ TAR fans with news about the duo drop us a line!  More news coming soon.