Penn Community Reacts to Recent Deaths

When University of Pennsylvania Elvis Hatcher, P’16 passed away on February 4th, students did not receive an email from the university announcing his death. They did not receive an email announcing the death of Madison Holleran, P’17 over winter break or for the nine other Penn students who have lost their lives in the past three years.

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Harvard Student Killed in Crash

As The Crimson reports, an undergraduate student was killed in a traffic accident in New Jersey this morning. The Crimson could not confirm the student’s name at the time, as administrators are still contacting parents. However the Crimson does say that the student was “returning from a competition in Virginia” and that other students were injured and treated at a local hospital—indicating that the crash likely involved a sports team vehicle (though, of course, this is speculation). According to Go Crimson, the women’s Swimming and Diving team were successfully competing at the Virginia Tech Invitational in Virginia this weekend, in their final competition before Ivies.

UPDATE, 12:30 AM

An email from Interim Dean Pfister confirmed that Angela Mathew, H’15, died in the crash. She and six other students were returning from a mock trial competition. The Crimson reports that three students were injured and taken to a hospital in Trenton. They were driving in a minivan, hit a guardrail, and were struck by a tractor trailer.

“Our hearts are broken,” Pfister wrote. “This is a very sudden and unexpected loss.”