Party Boy Columbia Drug Dealer On ‘Rock Center’ Tonight

It’s been almost two years since “Operation Ivy League,” the NYPD sting that found five Columbia University students selling over $10,000 in cocaine, pot, ecstasy, Adderall, and LSD to undercover cops. Tonight, one of the Columbia Five — Stephan Vincenzo, the cool one — will be on NBC’s Rock Center to speak about drugs and stuff.

As a refresher on Vincenzo’s cred, you can check out this Blue and White profile, or the Gawker writeup on “da sickest party” (sans booze) he attempted to throw his freshman year. Or, just admire his modeling shots.

Video preview of his interview below:

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UPDATE: Student Uproar Over Dartmouth Alcohol Crackdown Sweeps Interwebs

When it rains, it pours. Dartmouth better brace itself for a real, non-lame student uprising. In the few hours since the sting operation announcement, Dartmouth chat board has exploded with anti-police vitriol and mobilization schemes. Check it out: the posts are flooding in as we write. Some highlights:

like if this shit is enforced, it’s over. dartmouth social life as we know it is over.

a frat brother needs to apply to be a sting agent to infiltrate the operation, learn the rules, and see how its done

FUCK THE PO-LICE. I forsee a student uprising so big it’ll make the 7 years war look like a bar fight. And I bet Chief Nick Giaccone can barely hide his boner when talking about the proposed ‘sting operation.’ Seriously dude youre up against a bunch of drunk teenagers not the mafia.


Mature dialogue indeed. Then again, lots of posters are reminding us that the traditional Dartmouth shitshow Winter Carnival is coming up. Great timing, popo.

In the meantime, the Facebook group “Students Against Hanover Police Alcohol Policy” has shot up to 655 980 1792 members (42% of the undergraduate population), and is gaining by the second. The group puts two-and-two together:

This would, in effect, close down the frats into strictly members only events, and there would cease to be open parties or even open front doors on any night of the week.

Finally, Dartmouthians internet-over are resorting to the ultimate trump card: Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone’s contact info, lovingly reproduced below., Nicholas Giaccone, Barnard Road, Grantham NH, 603 863 8375

Do with that what you will, Dartmouth, and keep checking back here for continued coverage. Thanks for the tips. We’re with you in spirit; though, for now, not “spirits.” We don’t want to end up in jail.