Cornell’s Easiest Classes, in Handy Data Visualization Form

Cornellians rejoice (especially those of you on or near academic probation): finding the easiest classes to take just got a little bit easier.

Munier Salem (Cornell ’10, Columbia GSAS) created this handy dandy interactive infographic (data from Fall 2009) using the university registrar-provided online median grade reports. Cornell’s Class of 2012 will be the first to have courses’ median grades listed on their transcripts, meaning that “A-” in AEM 4240: Management Strategy won’t look as sleek when the median grade in the class of 192 students is an “A”.

Going over this data is fascinating, you should definitely check out the link on your own. After poking around for awhile, I realized that the hardest class in the hotel school is Business Computing, taught by the infamous Mark Talbert of “Yawn Outside” fame. Keeping in mind that the numbers are a bit dated, and that median grades are not the same as average grades,  read on for some other potentially noteworthy trends I stumbled into: Read the rest of this entry »

Brooks Brothers Replaces Harvard With Yale, Adds Columbia

Despair fell upon Cambridge last week when the Yale Daily News gleefully broke the news that Yale’s logo, not Harvard’s, will grace the breasts of polo-clad Ivy superalumni who just can’t bring themselves to swallow the indignation of wearing a Brooks Brothers shirt without tacking on an extra status symbol. Also, from the Brooks Brothers website, it looks like Columbia will be in the line, too.

According to the Yale Daily News, Bloomberg initially misreported the clothing line as including Harvard in an article that has since been removed.

Harvard’s omission doesn’t draw too much sympathy from this blogger, but in order to avoid missing out on that sweet chunk of loyal alumni change feeling left out (again), Dartmouth and Brown should consider tracking down some local artisans for some totally sweet branded hemp parka hoodies, just so alumni can rep their alma maters as they’re walking from their barista jobs to their Subarus.

In case your calendar wasn’t already circled, highlighted, and gel pen-starred, the Brooks Brother line is dropping August 15.

Harvard and Yale: Havens for Computer Nerds and Intelligent Black Men

protesterWhy collect baseball cards when you could assemble together the ultimate New York clichés that real New Yorkers wish would get hit by the subway? Simon Rich, Harvard ’07, writer, and former ‘Poon-tangler, has paired up with New Yorker cartoonist Farley Katz to create caricatures, most of which one can avoid by never going to the East Village. Each card includes personal statistics—level of intelligence, cunning, and money—as well as their alma mater (or lack thereof). According to the New York Superheroes blog:

In this glittering metropolis, you can’t cross the street without spotting a costumed crusader…. Every superhero in the New York City universe is represented along with their special powers, origin stories and power ratings. There’s the Out-of-Work Banker, the MFA Student, the Blogger and over a dozen more, all striving for glory in the city that never sleeps.

Notable Ivy League mentions are Harvard and Yale, apparently from which “creative hacks” and “intelligent black men” graduate. It remains unclear whether or not they lose their superhero status once they lose their jobs and start giving eye BJs.

See some superhero collectibles after the jump.

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