Dartmouth prof doesn’t hold back

Following the Isla Vista shooting this week, Jeff Sharlet, Dartmouth English prof (and author, Harper’s contributing editor, etc.) took to Twitter to discuss the tragic event. Like others, he linked Elliot Rodger’s shooting to the pervasive destructiveness of misogyny. Unlike others, he compared Rodger to sexual assailants at Dartmouth:

We followed up with Sharlet for further explanation of the tweet’s idea, and he went in on both Rodger and rapists.

Rape and murder are different crimes, of course, but rape and Rodger’s decision to kill women seem to me likely rooted in the same pervasive misogyny, a sense of some or all women as less than human. I’m distressed by those who’d dismiss Rodger as nothing but a monstrous outlier. The logic of hate he took to its most extreme end is the same of that of the rapist, and, yes, of that of those who apologize for rapists. 

Dartmouth’s attempts to change their culture appear to be working, at least for the professors.

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Arizona congresswoman and Cornell alum shot in Tucson

The story that will undoubtedly dominate the next few news cycles: Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot and severely injured in Tucson, AZ today. Giffords was holding a public event outside a grocery store when a lone gunman approached and shot her in the head, before firing off dozens more rounds into the crowd, according to NPR. The congresswoman’s condition is unclear — NPR and Reuters both had reported she was dead, but MSNBC says she’s alive and in surgery. At least 12 people total were shot and six others apparently killed.

(UPDATE: MSNBC is reporting that Giffords is expected to survive. Meanwhile, CNN puts the number injured at 18, and says the death toll is still six, including an aide to the congresswoman and federal judge John Roll.)

Giffords received her masters from Cornell in City and Regional Planning back in 1996. She is one of three Cornell alums currently elected to Congress, and was mentioned by former House speaker Nancy Pelosi in her convocation address in Ithaca this past May, according to the Cornell Chronicle.

Per the Cornell Daily Sun:

“[Giffords] refers to [her time at Cornell] quite a bit in her public remarks and my sense is that it left quite an impression on her,” C.J. Karamargin, Gifford’s communications director, told The Sun in November.

The congresswoman was originally voted into the House of Representatives in the Democratic landslide of 2006 and belonged the Blue Dog caucus. A slew of fucked up, suspicious activity surfaced — bricks thrown at her office, guns dropped at official events — following her endorsement of health care reform. And then this.

We’ll try keep the editorializing to a minimum, except to say that this is just plain fucked up.

Harvard Shooting Coincides with Late Night Security Cuts

An unidentified “college-aged” male was shot at Harvard’s Kirkland House, an undergraduate residential college, around 5PM today, reports the Harvard Crimson. The victim was conscious but bleeding at the time of the Crimson‘s report, and students were notified by email later that night.

This was students’ second safety-related email of the day, because 5 minutes before the shooting, Dean Evelynn Hammonds sent an email announcing cuts to nighttime shuttle service (a security measure for soothing the nerves of students who don’t like to walk around in the dark) as part of “cost-cutting measures.”

Both emails after the jump.

UPDATE 1: According to Harvard’s Emergency Communication page, normal activity at Eliot-Kirkland has resumed.

UPDATE 2: The identity and circumstances of the shooting are now known. Allegedly, the deceased was a drug dealer.

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