Full Roundup of Yale’s Title IX Complaint

As everyone knows, things have been blowing up left and right this weekend on how Yale students filed a Title IX complaint against the University on March 15.

Here is IG’s comprehensive roundup of the story:

March 31st

To see what happend on April 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, follow the jump.

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ARTHURGATE: Mass-Emailing Brunonian Gets Dissed, Fights the Man [PART 2]

“Revolutionary Studies” major (yeah Brown!) and Prez Candidate Arthur Matuszewski drew some flak last week for his flowery campaign spam, which ended up in the inbox of Booker prize winning authors and University presidents. After some research, we’ve found Arthur to be the consummate quixotic idealist… and also completely nuts. He just recently changed his website to this incomprehensibly lofty oration on the state of Brown. It used to say this:

“I’m big into the woogie-boogie hustle of life — native-born New Yorker hailing from Rockaway, Queens with a penchant for all things sublime and wondrous, be they writing, design, or the magical mysteries of staying on an earnest grind…I truly believe that happiness is derived from good vibes, and I’m all about playing my funky song loud and long.”

Now, last week we showed you Arthur’s original email, the flurry of angry/hilarious responses, and finally, his apology. This week, we’re bringing you a decidedly less rosy story. After our protagonist’s cutesy/pseudo-Weberian mea-culpa, an anonymous muck-slinger replied all with a concerted Arthur takedown. Quoting Arthur’s email, the angry responder, hidden behind the veil of an anonymous Yahoo account — tomy550dearestfriends@yahoo.com — sent the same message multiple times to chunks of Arthur’s original list, painstakingly copy-and-pasting all of the original recipients, click after feverish click. The email not only hates on Arthur, but Brown itself:

Interesting, I came for the grade inflation.

I have never had a conversation — short, long, profound, or glorious — with Arthur Matuszewski, but I am glad that he has been studying just what it means to listen raptly to names and notions of lives, each successively more splendid than the notions of lives that came before them.

Also, some fun Ivy Comparisons:

What is it we’re trying to tell the world through our presence? That if I get a 4.0, you can’t assume that I wouldn’t have gotten the same GPA at Columbia or Dartmouth, and can’t prefer their graduates on that basis alone.

At least one copy of the sarcastic, nihilistic — hell, we’ll just call it douchey — email ended up in the inbox of Brown Dean Katherine Bergeron. But our fighter, lover, and “Revolutionary Studies” concentrator wasn’t going to take this lying down. After the jump, Arthur fires back (plus full emails).

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ARTHURGATE: Crazed Brown Prez Candidate Emails/Angers Hundreds [PART THE FIRST]

Sing muse, of the man of twists and turns! Whose pretentious prose and panlist antics have started just the kind of political scandal that we Ivy Leaguers love to hate. The man in question is Arthur Matuszewski: a well-meaning Brown Undergraduate Council of Students Presidential candidate, prone to flowery missives and a hyperactive send key. The story is long and hilarious, so we’re going to serialize.

We begin yesterday, a sunny Brunonian day, much like any other. Our prez-hopeful protagonist Arthur sits down at his computer, opens a new message, and titles it “A personal statement.” We can only assume that he next consumed a considerable quantity of shrooms and/or adderall. For Arthur proceeds to  jot down some of the most florid, uppity, and pompous campaign material we’ve yet seen, and sends it to about 550 people, all CC’d, creating what can only be described as a ‘panlist of doom.’ He oh-so-humbly includes Brown President Ruth Simmons and world famous African author Chinua Achebe (speaking at Yale today) in the address field.

The email itself? Epic, content-less, insane, utopian, Obama-esque? We’ll let you be the judge. On Brown:

What brought me here was the promise of a world where thoughts would come alive.

On metaphors(?):

I love this place because it has taught me that a life well lived is one of usefulness and reputation and that, fundamentally, finding one’s own voice is as important as the myriad songs we could choose to sing.

On fun convos:

I have learned truly and immensely from each and every one of you what it means for me to be here. I’ve spent conversations short, long, profound and glorious — studying just what it means to listen raptly to a passing comment, a name, a notion of life just a little more splendid than the last.

And on his world-changing candidacy:

I am running for President of the Undergraduate Council of Students because I believe that we, as friends, must join together to affirm the reasons for our presence. In our words, our dreams and our actions we decide what kind of light we shall cast upon a world caught in so many shades of despair.

And our painfully ironic favorite:

So many of us have spent days and years fretting: what will this look like to others? What if they realize how little I know? How will I keep this up, how much longer can I last?

Well, clearly, Arthur didn’t spend too many days fretting about those questions. His hundreds of recipients didn’t seem to share his enthusiasm. Our tale continues after the jump, with full emails and responses.

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Brown Sued For Alleged Rape Coverup

The BDH reports that William McCormick III, formerly Brown ’10, and his parents have sued Brown University and several of its officials — including President Ruth Simmons. The suit alleges that McCormick was treated unfairly in a sexual assault case brought against him by a female student in the fall of 2006.

The complaint states that despite the female student’s resistance to pursuing the matter, she eventually acceded to pressure from University employees to divulge McCormick’s name, an act which compelled her to file a written complaint.

McCormick was then served a “no-contact order” by Associate Dean of Student Life Terry Addison, according to the complaint, and “in violation of Brown policies, he was not provided a copy of the complaint, nor was he told the substance of the allegations.”

The plaintiffs allege that the female student “felt that the Deans were ‘yelling at her’ ” and “pressing her to add to complaints about” McCormick. Friends of the female student then allegedly confronted her and, despite her denials, concluded that she had been raped, according to the complaint.

It gets juicier still: the student who brought the complaint is said to be the daughter of a wealthy donor, whose treatment by the institution (at McCormick’s expense) stems from her position of privilege. Know more? Email us at tips@ivygateblog.com.

Leverett House at Harvard Mocks Sept. 11 — In Handy T-Shirt Form

Oh, Harvard and your “wit”! At Harvard’s Housing Day — where freshmen are assigned their houses for the rest of their undergrad careers — Leverett House was associated with t-shirts joking about September 11. As an email from Leverett’s faculty advisers, exclusively received by IvyGate, calls the shirts:

fake Leverett T-shirts […] making a connection between our towers and 9/11.

The Harvard Housing Day website reads:

Each house has its own limited-edition Housing Day t-shirt (or sometimes better… get them polos, Dunster!)

The Housing Day t-shirts for Leverett — or fakes distributed by a rival house, it seems Leverett is claiming? — drew a comparison between Leverett’s Towers (one of which is pictured) and the, um, Twin Towers. Wow, topped even Yale’s “pussy” t-shirts this time, Harvard! Is this the legacy of the Lampoon — humorless, arch referencing of national tragedy? Parody is funny, but this is just boring and predictable. Say the administrators:

But we are also proud of the Leverett House Committees and students who have, year after year, produced shirts that have been clever but not tasteless, and funny without poking fun AT anyone.

There’s that Harvard spirit! The full email from Leverett administrators, after the jump.

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