Angry Emailer Sara Ackerman: I am the Lawrence Summers of NYU

Columbia University recently bested its chief rival in everything, NYU, by coming up with a slightly more complicated version of the Occupy Wall Street “course” NYU now offers. But NYU has won the much more entertaining prize of which is more pointlessly dramatic, after a senior there compared herself to Harvard’s former president, Lawrence Summers, for some reason.

Sara Ackerman (pictured), a student in NYU professor Caitlin Zaloom’s senior research seminar, recently turned the class into a strange theatrical production involving a 3,000-word script of craaaaazy emails to her professor and NYU administrators, in which she refuses, against Zaloom’s instructions, to visit Zuccotti Park, in the day time, because people there are rude and gross. Oh, and the drama. Bribery! Danger! Nepotism! Drama drama drama. To quote:

I have no history of mental health issues, I have never been written up by an NYU security guard, I have no criminal record, I have an above average GPA, impressive extracurricular activities, an amazing resume with great recommendations/references, 3 post-graduation job offers, and I have sustained wonderful relationships with many of my previous employers, and NYU professors, over the years.


Now would be a good time to step in—unless of course, you still think that I am bluffing about going to the press–remember, I know people–close family friends, in fact–who work for:

1. WSJ
2. The NY Observer
3. NYT
4. The Washington Post

I have already written the op-ed, and a draft has been approved by one of the reputable newspapers listed above.


I have over 1,000 friends on facebook, and if Professor Zaloom does not resign, or is not fired by 9 am tomorrow morning, I will publish every single email exchange we have had, on my facebook account.

Ackerman eventually email-bombed the listserv of NYU’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, at 3:30 AM, to ask them whether they’d heard of Harvard (and something about Cornel West):

On a side-note have you ever heard of that mega-university in Cambridge, Mass. called Harvard?Long story short, they had a few disputes between a tenured professor, and a big man on campus, and look what happened in the end:
They swapped him:
For him:
And got a PR nightmare—does anyone see the parallels? Or do I have to continue tospell it out for you, as I have been for over 2 months?
Look, neither Summers nor West is perfect, but why don’t you do a little research to see who was more deserving of a prominent position at Harvard?
Sara Ackerman: The Lawrence Summers of NYU. Really, though: read the whole thing.
(In less absurd, Columbia-related news, Christopher Coles, male lead of last year’s Operation Ivy Leaguecould get parole for selling pot to an undercover officer, if he finishes a year-long residency in rehab. Beat that, Ackerman!)