Columbia Asks Court to Dismiss Anti-Feminist Crusader’s Lawsuit

Columbia has moved to dismiss hometown favorite anti-feminist Roy Den Hollander‘s class action lawsuit against the school. The University brings the snark in its filing, stating from that start that Hollander’s claim “reads like a parody” and culminating in a section entitled “All of Hollander’s Claims Fail Because He Does Not Allege Actionable Discrimination.” Not only is Hollander more or less nuts, it seems that there’s really no legal basis for his lawsuit.

For readers in need of a quick briefer, Hollander asserts that the women’s studies department both “discriminates against male students and male alumni” and “violates the First Amendment establishment clause concerning religion.” How? Unclear! But the motion is a nice rundown.

Firstly, Hollander insists that if Columbia is allowed to keep its feminist indoctrination program, it must create an equivalent men’s studies curriculum, “a field he does not define and does not even claim exists as a coherent scholarly discipline.” Furthermore, although Hollander did graduate from the Business School, he is no longer at the University, so it’s tough to prove that he has any direct claim to damages:

To begin with, he is not a Columbia student and he has never taken, or attempted to take, a women’s studies course, let alone been the victim of any discriminatory conduct in such a class. Read the rest of this entry »

Roy Hollander’s Chastity Oath for Men

And by “chastity oath,” we mean “becoming a co-defendant in his Title IX lawsuit against Columbia’s Women Studies department and never get invited to another pillow fight at Barnard. Ever.” Caught circulating CU’s “Noble Freedom Warrior” Libertarian email list:

From: Roy Den Hollander

Date: Oct 24, 2008 11:58 AM

Subject: [CCL] Columbia Lawsuit

To: [redacted]

Dear Libertarians,

I’m a graduate of the Columbia Business School and a lawyer who is currently suing Columbia University because its Women’s Studies program discriminates against male students and male alumni and violates the First Amendment establishment clause concerning religion.

The case is a class action lawsuit, and I am currently looking for Columbia students or organizations to join as plaintiffs. All expenses are being picked up by the MR Legal Fund.

I can be contacted at [redacted] or (917) [redacted].



Over on the Philolexian Society’s list, they’re replying to Roy with chicks-with-dicks porn. But to discuss the impressive girth of Philo’s collective silicone phallus is to beg the question: MR (that’s misogynspeak for “Men’s Rights”) Legal Fund exists? And… has money?

Roy Hollander No Longer Pro’bama, Still Anti-Woman

(_____)))__)~~~~After last week’s interview, anti-feminist crusader Roy Hollander got some negative press. (As opposed to the rave reviews he usually gets on websites like True story. Check it out!) But you will be pleased to hear that Roy is doing just fine, and still fighting the good fight, even if O’Bama isn’t.

from: Roy Den Hollander
to: Maureen O’Connor
subject: Thanks

Thanks for doing the story. I thought it was a good piece–accurate. The only change since we talked was that O’Bama chose Biden as VP. Sen Biden’s the one responsible for the VAWA act, so I’ll be voting for Nader or if I move to Russia for Putin.
Thanks again.
For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure the “O’Bama” thing is a playful joke, not an earnest display of ignorance. More from Roy’s and my cyber-flirtation after the jump
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Middle-Aged White Guy Sues Columbia for Discrimination
An Interview with Roy Hollander, Men’s Rights Pioneer

the face of oppressionRoy Den Hollander — Columbia B-school grad and self-described “anti-feminist” — took aim this week at his alma mater’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender. In a lawsuit charging sexual discrimination, Hollander calls the institute “a bastion of bigotry against men.” Using Title IX as an “analogy,” Hollander adds the Columbia suit to a growing stable of “Men’s Rights” crusades, including a lawsuit protesting Ladies’ Nights at bars, and another against VAWA, the Violence Against Women Act.

In an hour-long phone interview, Hollander waxes poetic on physical desire, his background as a draft-dodger, and the best places in New York for middle-aged dudes seeking jail-bait booty (dance class). As for Women’s Studies at CU:

The whole program is about benefiting females and teaching that guys are evil and that guys are responsible for all the world’s evils.

He also told me about his “Russian mafia prostitute stripper” “mistress to a Chechen warlord” ex-wife, and how she used VAWA to persecute him and/or attain US citizenship.

Roy is surprisingly interesting for a guy who spends 90% of his waking life plotting the destruction of feminism, and the other 10% trying to get laid. Our epic conversation, after the jump.

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