Princeton Reunions 2014, visualized

Princeton Reunions, a carnival of bacchanalia replete with old white men singing a capella and drinking from handles, hit central Jersey this weekend. IvyGate correspondents on the ground sent in updates and photos, featured here. Highlights included a surprise concert by Flo Rida, thrown by the class of 1989 on their 25th reunion — and open to all classes. A 101-year-old alum came by for the festivities, and fireworks shot out around campus. The Class of 2014 successfully stormed the field after the P-rade and sang Old Nassau, and non-Princetonians are still terribly confused by all of this. Congratulations to all of Princeton for upholding your single greatest tradition and we urge you to get some eggs and ginger ale and sober up.

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Princeton Class of 2004 To Plead the Fifth, Only 36 Days to Go!

P04 Reunion FrontGraduation season is mostly fun because it includes reunion season and the chance to gawk at what you’ve become. This year Princeton ’04 will celebrate becoming criminals. Or so their reunion costumes seem to suggest. Since the class is advertising the black and orange striped inmate jersey (and tennis dress for the LAYDEES!), we’re pretty sure this is not a hoax.

The poor-taste poke at Ivy Leaguers’ role in the current swarm of coniving does sort of sound like something Princeton kids would do, though. (Although one grad blog did call the class’s “We plead the 5th” theme perverse.) With the recent online bigotry, consistent corruption scandals, and vintage elitism, the costumes actually seem kind of eerily self aware. It would be awesome as such if there weren’t so many starving children in Tennessee–though the Frist kids are probably fine.

Speaking of Harrison Frist, we’re dying to see if he might shed some light on the Kimberly Taggart, an ’04 panelist representing Goldman Sachs at the reunion, since Frist used to work there. Even deeper, we’re curious if she’s the same Kim Taggart that models for Victoria’s Secret. (We’re skipping the giggly blow-job joke for legal reasons.)

If this indeed all true, we want pictures. In my Walker Evans fantasy, there will be a white-collar convict party, a dustbowl filled with cocaine, and a George Clooney look-alike singing bluegrass songs about strip clubs.

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