IvyGate Editor Reduces Self to Pathetic “Contributing Editor” Status

IvyGate Editor Reduces Self to Pathetic "Contributing Editor" StatusAnd that editor is me. To the relief of most of you, I’m stepping down from my short-lived stint as an IvyGate 2.0 editor next week after accepting a new bloggy job that, you know, pays an income. I will maintain a loosely defined contributing editor’s role, meaning I won’t do shit but reserve the right to troll the tipbox for hilarious Spectator articles to make fun of every so often. Hal and Jacob will fill you in on however they plan to fill this tragic, heartbreaking loss, once they’ve stopped sobbing.

On another note, I’ll be embarking on my first and presumably last IvyGate road trip this weekend to cover the “Kill the Ivy League” thing at the New Yorker Festival. So if you’re going to either that or the Sasha Frere-Jones-hosted, Diplo-laced dance party this weekend, come and say hi! I have red hair, but no touchy.