More Than Half Of Students Charged In Harvard Cheating Case Forced To Withdraw

More than half of the Harvard students involved in last year’s cheating scandal have been forced to withdraw from the university, according to an email sent out today to the Harvard community. The investigation into members of Government 1310: Introduction to Congress was first announced in August, after similarities were found in 125 take-home open-book final exams.

The Crimson reports that of the students initially charged by the university more than half were required to withdraw, while about half of those who are allowed to stay on campus received disciplinary probation. No actions were taken against the other students.

As Bloomberg points out, Harvard stated in August that students forced to withdraw as a result of cheating could be off campus for up to two semesters.

Got Copy of the “Preseason Scouting Report” Circulating at Yale? Wanna Trade for a Date With a State School Girl?

Yale GateRecently, an email has been circulating around Yale ranking the attractiveness of 53 freshmen women. Titled “The Preseason Scouting Report,” it apparently ranks the women by how many beers guys would need to find each girl hot. (Go ahead and park the ambulances in front of Stiles to be on the safe side.)

IvyGate has been trying to track down the elusive email, but sources in New Haven have been hesitant to share the document, citing fear of negative consequences from university administration, who have not yet caught the perpetrator. According to a Yalie:

From: [redacted]
Subject: Re: Do you know where I can get this email?
Date: Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 9:15 PM

Everyone I know who has it knows the author, who has expressed a desire to minimize proliferation at this point.  Less publicity might equal less punishment if/when he/they get caught. The university is pretty pissed because we’ve had a few very public cases of sexual harassment over the years (google: i love yale sluts) and I think they’re gonna crack down on this one.

If any Yalies want to share the misogynistic wealth, email IvyGate at