Fly Wine

Taking a break from the world’s most pretentious rivalry, the Yale Club of Boston hosted a summer networking party at Harvard’s Fly Club. An extensive wine list from a February 2013 dinner was found in the house, with drinks ranging from a $600 Bordeaux to a $38 Sauterne–for the few poor members who have to live in the real world.

If you’re devastated that you missed the chance to network, fear not! Yale Boston holds its weekly Alumni softball game, every Friday.

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Your Education Means Nothing

Bloomberg News columnist Amity Shlaes has a monster scoop this morning: Ivy League networking is dead.

A new paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research, Shlaes points out, recently tried to quantify the strength of what the authors call the “connection premium” of attending an elite college or business school. Focusing on Wall Street analysts, the economists looked at whether the financial advice they gave was better when they had the same alma mater as a senior officer at the company they were recommending. It was, obviously — by 8.16 percent.

This all changed, apparently, with a 2000 Securities and Exchange Commision rule called “Fair Disclosure” that prohibited, it seems, chatting over drinks at the Harvard Club. After that, the “connection premium” disappeared. Fair, indeed, I guess.

No one will suffer more from the new rule than Harvard kids, who once made up 19 percent of all networking, according to the killjoys.

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