Daily Pennsylvanian Runs Muslim-Baiting Advertisement, Makes People Mad

Penn’s student newspaper is getting some heat for an anti-Palestinian advertisement  — described as “inflammatory,” “extremist” and “defilement” by critics — that ran in its print edition earlier this week. If this story sounds familiar, it’s because it should.

The group behind the ad is the David Horowitz Freedom Center (run by it’s namesake, at right), which has been placing, or trying to place, similarly incendiary materials in Ivy League newspapers for some time now. In May, the Brown Daily Herald and the Yale Daily News both published a DHFC ad called “Wall of Lies,” which incited an angry response from students. According to a commenter on the DP’s website, the ad also ran in that paper around the same time. We called the DP to confirm, but haven’t yet received a response. (Update: The “Wall of Lies” ad did run last spring.)

The marketing push seem to be part of Horowitz’s “Islamo-Fascist Awareness Campaign,” which takes Horowitz to campuses all over the country, where he says things like: “There is a movement for a second Holocaust of the Jews that is being supported [at U.C. Santa Barbara] by the Muslim Student Association.” At other points — and I’m not even trying to make a subjective claim here — he pretty roundly lumps all Palestinaians into the “TERRORIST” category. And those Keffiyahs you like to wear for nights out in Brooklyn? Sorry, but the terrorists just won.

Though we haven’t yet seen the most recent ad — it might be “Wall of Lies” again, but it also might not — we’re pretty comfortable assuming that its tenor is just about what you would expect, based on the response it’s generated thus far.

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