Are Obama’s College Transcripts the Latest Birther Obsession?

In early May, a conservative blogger placed a $10,000 bounty on copies of Obama’s college transcripts from his years at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard Law School. Ten thousand dollars! On Monday, the reward grew to $20,000:

We therefore offer in reward $10,000 $20,000 to anyone who provides the college transcripts of President Barack Obama. Occidental, Harvard, Columbia…any would represent more intellectual curiosity about the leader of the free world than the media has demonstrated since Obama won the Democrat primary.

This just a new form of birtherism, right? Actually, no. Not entirely. Read the rest of this entry »

Would Mitt Romney Get into Harvard Business School Today?

Mitt Romney, sentient Republican stereotype, has spent his life trying to appeal to voters—an effort which has turned into a cycle of Mittens saying something villainous or condescending; liberals being outraged and amused at the same time; and then Mittens mumbling that he’s successful, and he doesn’t know why all of you are picking on him. Not coincidentally, he spent a few years at Harvard Business School—the designated laboratory of world destroyers—where he refined his collegiate confidence into something resembling misanthropy.

Wonder how HBS feels about this? You may want to read between the lines of this Wall Street Journal interview with the school’s managing director of admissions, Dee Leopold (pictured):

WSJ: Do you ever question your admission decisions?

Ms. Leopold: Sure. This process isn’t perfect. We’re like very experienced country doctors who see a lot of patients.

We’re screening out undesirable qualities that would be toxic in our community. We like to think that our arrogance detectors are pretty good. We’re looking for confidence, with humility.

Would Mittens, picture of humility that he is, have survived Leopold’s “arrogance detector”? Would his hair? CURIOUSLY, Leopold follows this remark with an anecdote involving what could be Romney’s protégé:

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Mitch Daniels Is the Stoner Princetonian Who Might Save the GOP

So, Mitt Romney, huh? While Mittens continues to alienate pretty much everyone with his proletarian LARPing and overall blasé demeanor, elements of the GOP are still holding out hope that there could be a late-entry candidate to replace him. (We’re going to assume that Newt bursts like an overripe pumpkin before the Florida vote.)  Who, though? Right now—indeed, at this very moment—those mysterious Establishment Republicans are probably wheedling Princeton alumnus, Governor of Indiana, and total stoner Mitch Daniels ’71.

Tonight, Daniels will deliver the GOP response to Obama’s State of the Union address. The occasion raises vital questions. Like: who is Mitch Daniels? What eating club did he eat at? Which and how many drugs was he on? Here’s your IvyGate Cheat Sheet Thing©, The Mitch Daniels Edition:


  • Woodrow Wilson ‘71, then Georgetown Law ’79 (campaign website)
  • Member of Charter Club, which uses sign-in (Daily Prince)
  • “Active in the campus antiwar movement” (Ibid.)
  • Member of Princeton’s College Republicans (Ibid.)
  • Vietnam: Daniels “legally deferred his eligibility while in college and after graduation his draft number, 147, was high enough that he was not called.” (Republic Candidates)


  • “Daniels was arrested, indicted and convicted on charges of drug use as an undergraduate in May 1970”. (Daily Prince)
  • Which drugs? Weed, LSD, and unidentified pharmaceuticals. (Ibid.)
  • How much weed? Two shoeboxes full of weed. (Ibid.)
  • Drugs were an “unfortunate confluence of my wild oats period and America’s libertine apogee.” (Ibid, Washington Post)
  • What did Daniels get? A night in jail and a $350 fine. (Ibid.)
  • Was that normal? Ha, no.“Six months after [Daniels’s] arrest, the New Jersey Supreme Court decided a case involving an 18-year-old who was caught with a tiny amount of pot (clearly just for personal use) and got a sentence of two to three years in prison. (


  • Favorite color: blue (VoteSmart profile)
  • Governor of Indiana since 2004
  • Senior advisor to Ronald Reagan
  • Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget under George W. Bush
  • His marriage is a Jonathan Franzen novel (Republican Candidates)
  • Has a personal cheerleading section led by William Kristol, Harvardian and Weekly Standard editor/founder (The Weekly Standard)
  • Slight resemblance to William F. Buckley, Jr., he of God and Man at Yale fame, maybe? Yes? No? Come on, it’s obvious.

But will he run for President?

  • “For a Republican hero to ride in on a white horse, it would take a scenario that verges on political science fiction.” (TPM)

Mitt Romney’s Bain Colleague Berates Dartmouth for Not Bain-ing Everyone

The Bain Brothers. It’s a pun.

 In 1983, Mitt Romney was an employee at the consulting firm Bain & Company. So was IvyGate icon, New Hampshire celebrity, and Dartmouth alum Joseph Asch ’79! By 1985, Romney had departed for the offshoot Bain Capital, where he submitted to Christian-themed pictures of he and his colleagues cavorting with paper currency, and firing lots of people. Meanwhile, Asch had decamped for Paris, where he peddled medical supplies. Fifteen years later, in spring 2010, while Romney was ramping up his campaign for the Republican nomination, Asch’s much more important political ambition—a seat on Dartmouth’s Board of Trustees—was thwarted by two other Dartmouth alumni. Since then, guided by personal bitterness over his defeat and a consequent desire to douse Dartmouth College with Bain’s holy water, Asch now spends much of his energy harassing his alma mater’s administration for not buying his “solution” of massive cuts to benefits and wages, particularly those of the school’s lowliest laborers. On a blog. Meanwhile, he parries inquiries into his personal business practices. Sound familiar?

The last time we heard from Joe Asch, the cranky Dartblogger had completely lost his dark horse bid for Dartmouth’s Board of Trustees, soon after which he vowed to never blog again, citing the “unceasing negativity”  and “rampant dishonesty” that allegedly determines the membership of Dartmouth’s Board. The honorable Asch was probably referring to The Dartmouth’s discovery of and investigation into Asch’s medical supply business, the very name of which Asch deliberately refused to discuss. (Apparently, it’s because Asch didn’t want others to find out how wildly profitable the health care industry is—which is, of course, a huge secret.) As it turns out, Asch forgot to pay $8,000 in taxes to French tax authorities, in 2004. No biggie, though, right? Well! Asch did not appreciate the paper’s attempt to “discredit” his very successful company, thank you! Which meant Asch missed the whole point: his own bizarre refusal to discuss in detail the business experience on which he based his Trustee campaign.

Following his defeat and subsequent promise to never blog again, and after pretending that he never said that, Asch turned the ostensibly undergraduate into an elaborate LiveJournal on which he continues to investigate a shadowy cabal of administrators who are LYING TO DARTMOUTH.

One of Asch’s more recent posts dissects what he suggests is Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim’s egomania. Really, yes: have you seen Kim’s CV? Criminal. Among Kim’s profusion of shortcomings, according to the same entry: contriving to appropriate the . . . aesthetic . . . of . . . socialist realism . . .  to mask . . . male-pattern balding. Okay, Asch. That sort of insinuation makes you look totally sane and super-fit to make decisions.

What really bothers Asch, though, are the non-shitty wages and benefits Dartmouth pays its workers. Asch’s preferred solution to this manifest injustice should be familiar to anyone fortunate enough to have been affected by the business practices of Mitt Romney’s Mormon charity, Bain Capital: slashing workers’ wages, health benefits, and pensions.

Despite his professed distaste for the public assessment of personal financial matters, Asch has taken (again) to to repeatedly and publicly mock the wages and benefits Dartmouth pays its workers. As it turns out, Dartmouth demonstrates an uncommon commitment not to swindle their workers. The College pays them a decent salary, contributes to a defined-benefit pension, subsidizes non-crappy health coverage, and assents to union representation. In other words: Dartmouth declines to exploit the working class of rural New Hampshire. Those with even the smallest acquaintance of the ruling class’s antecedent regard for labor might, you know, consider this arrangement a good thing.

Alas, not Joe Asch. Read the rest of this entry »

Harvard-supported Harvard Grad Mitt Romney Criticizes Obama for being a Harvard-supported Harvard Grad

Good ol’ scrappy Republican “man of the people” Mitt Romney has been using Barack Obama’s elitist, Ivy-League pedigree as a punchline in recent campaign speeches, deriding the president’s foreign policy as no more than a ill-advised surrender scheme cooked up by effete snobs in the “Harvard faculty lounge,” out of touch with “what they know on the battlefield”.

Ignoring the laughable notion that Mitt Romney ever even got close to a real battlefield, we find a lot of reasons why this most recent spat of Harvard-bashing fails the giggle test (and miserably so).