Penn Community Reacts to Recent Deaths

When University of Pennsylvania Elvis Hatcher, Pā€™16 passed away on February 4th, students did not receive an email from the university announcing his death. They did not receive an email announcing the death of Madison Holleran, Pā€™17 over winter break or for the nine other Penn students who have lost their lives in the past three years.

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Harvard Grad (Probably White) Can’t Get Job, Salon Helps

cary-tennisToday, Cary Tennis from got sarcastic with a boo-hooey Harvard grad, “Stalled,” who asked the advice columnist how to move out of his parents house and find a job. In the original letter, the forlorn almost 25 year-old film major whined about not having any friends, not being good at anything, and having a Harvard degree.

I’ve also been so sheltered that I can’t give directions to my own home, nor do I keep track of how much money there is in my bank account. Basically, I haven’t had to learn the ins and outs of daily independent living and it’s driving me insane, because I am 25 AND I HAVE A HARVARD DEGREE!

Tennis rebuttled with the obvious “Go see a mental health specialist because you might have Asperger’s” quip and a few paragraphs of “Stop trying to make us feel sorry for your privileged ass.”

And know this: It’s as hard to escape your own privilege as it is to escape your own deprivation…

Unless you lack sufficient whiteness, you can hitchhike to California drenched in blood like a serial killer and some nice young person from Brown will give you a film job.

If you lack whiteness, it’s going to be harder. You’ll have to show your Harvard diploma.

The full letter and the response are worth a perusal, mostly because you’ll feel better about your own life after reading. Nevertheless, we now have more concrete proof that Harvard does not actually make you good at stuff but is great at making you feel entitled.

In any case, depression is no fun, and we’re not making fun of it. Get some treatment “Stalled,” and forget you ever even lived in Cambridge.