Lucy Morrow Caldwell Speaks!

IvyGate’s favorite recent character study, Lucy Morrow Caldwell, made an exuberant appearance on CNN’s American Morning today to discuss her role in “Caroline Giuliani joined a Facebook group”-gate. CNN’s online videos don’t have a blog-posting option, but you can watch it here.

One interesting fact to add regards Caldwell’s own now-defunct Facebook profile. Facebook actually kicked her off for privacy violations, as the video explains.

Let’s just say that if you didn’t like her before, we doubt you will now. 


What Does A Liberal Look Like? According to Lucy Morrow Caldwell, A Harvard Student (UPDATE)

Caroline GiulianiLucy Morrow Caldwell.

Just yesterday, this name elicited a firestorm across teh_interwebs when Slate ran a “report” showing that Rudy Giuliani’s 17-year-old daughter Caroline, Harvard ’11, was a de facto member of the “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)” Facebook group.

Links were exchanged, hatred spewed forth like only the ‘Net can provide and backlash — yes, backlash — ensued, offering up the idea that Ms. Caldwell turned a blind eye to news integrity and unleashed this bit of “breaking news” on the world.

Did Lucy Morrow Caldwell invent breaking news for her own benefit?

According to multiple sources, she just may have. Why? Let us ask you this: Is the joining of a Facebook group by a minor who is not eligible to vote truly a reason to get CNN’s news ticker all ticked-off?

For the record, we at IvyGate think Caldwell’s motives are suspect. After all, how long was Giuliani a part of that group? Was it breaking just because someone who is not one of her friends on Facebook noticed? Remember — the noose-tightening line in Caldwell’s piece is that she removed herself from the group at an otherwise-uncollegiate-for-the-summer 6:01 a.m. But where was the news when she originally had joined it?

We’re actually on the side of Insider Chatter on this one:

If Slate’s Lucy Morrow Caldwell is aware of corporate owner WP’s Pentagon Papers and Watergate investigative heritage, it is NOT evident in her “undercover” Facebook reporting. Howard Kurtz is billed as the Washington Post media critic, but he is content to regurgitate a college intern’s inept public posting of a fellow Facebooker’s profile.”

Ouch, and that’s coming from an editor who’s actually been billed as “Howard Kurtz, Jr.”

Do we really care about Caroline Giuliani’s political views? Here’s a little justification to how little this matters for her, thanks to a blistering New York profile of Caroline’s stepmother Judith:

When I ran into Rudy at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in late April, he told me Judith skipped the event because “she’s up taking care of our daughter [Whitney] at Skidmore.” The locution “our daughter” was hardly calculated to repair his frayed relations with the biological children he shares with [Donna] Hanover, especially 17-year-old Trinity-prep-school senior Caroline, who uses Donna’s surname and reportedly didn’t bother telling him when she was accepted recently by Harvard. (“In the next few months, Rudy really has to repair his relationships with Andrew and Caroline,” says a Republican strategist. “He can’t be the Republican nominee and have his kids estranged from him. That ain’t gonna cut it.”)”

So when the scrutiny comes down on the younger, collegiate Giuliani’s profile, which reveals a “liberal” slant — the most popular of political views on Harvard profiles, and for that matter, Facebook in general — IvyGate smells some agenda-setting.

Allow us to take a look at the even-handed journalistic history of one Ms. Lucy Morrow (that’s with an “o”, not a “u”, as in Edward R.) Caldwell:

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Giuliani’s Daughter Shows Obama Some Facebook Love (UPDATE)

Giuliani's Daughter Shows Obama Some Facebook Love (UPDATE)According to a Slate report from late this morning, Rudy Giuliani’s 17-year-old daughter Caroline (Harvard ’11) was a card-carrying member of the Facebook group “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack).” She left the group around 6 a.m. according to her mini-feed (click the picture), after Slate had asked her about it. Oh mini-feed, we never should’ve distrusted your worth.

Any gotcha journalist would love to have this, but it’s not that surprising. As the Slate article notes, Rudy Giuliani’s relationship with his two children from his second marriage, Caroline and 21-year-old Andrew, is on shaky grounds. After all, Giuliani was having an affair with his current wife Judith Giuliani for a year before letting his family know in a press conference. The two kids have no intention of campaigning for their father.

One more thing from us at IvyGate to the writer of the Slate article, Lucy Morrow Caldwell: Why not us? Caldwell, a junior at Harvard and columnist for the Crimson, does not appear to intern for Slate; a search for her name through their archives yields this one article. Lucy! Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. Don’t you know IvyGate would show you more love for something like this? After all, it’s Nick Summers’ birthday, and the man never turns down a request on his birthday.

UPDATE 5:14 p.m. Monday: Rudy Giuliani, Caroline Giuliani’s spokesperson respond (briefly)… 

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