Jeremy Lin’s Secret Life as a Cello-Playing, Greek-Studying Opera Lover

About four years ago, when his name was not yet a pun, Jeremy Lin was a Harvard student who, as a classics major in Lowell House, played cello for operas like Candide and Dialogues of the Carmelites (which you can read about here) and studied Greek  poets like Alcman (ditto). Yes, really.

Also: while an undergraduate, Lin served as librarian for the Harvard Bach Society Orchestra; helped edit a Harvard professor’s book (called Indo-European Language and Society); won a fellowship from Harvard’s Center of Hellenic Studies; and was awarded the Smyth prize by Harvard’s Classics department for his thesis, which was called “Studies in Attic-Ionic Relative Chronology.”

Years before Lin’s name became the preferred tool with which to browbeat the English language into submission, Lin was preparing for graduate school in Germany:

Jeremy Lin will spend next year at the Freie Universität in Berlin, where he will be doing a project on Alcman’s dialect and (hopefully) preparing for graduate school, likely in linguistics.

In the meantime, Lin maintained his first love: the cello. Here he is playing at Lowell House, a few weeks before his graduation:

He’s probably play—wait, what? You’re saying . . . who? . . . no . . . REALLY? Read the rest of this entry »