Harvard Dental School Gets Swine Flu, Lampoon Zombie Castle Celebrates 100 Years, Coincidence?

Lampoon celebrationAfter Harvard Dental School closed last week when students started showing symptoms, reports came in yesterday that the number of Harvard-inspired cases has risen to eight. As the future career-related suicide risks enjoy no class while waiting for final word from the CDC, we’re making the final call that the Dental School is officially the diseased red-headed step child of Harvard, trumping last year’s scabies scare at the College.

Speaking of those Crimson Crazies, the Harvard Lampoon celebrated the hundred-year anniversay of the contruction of their funny little castle. The Lampoon semi-secret Sorrento Square Social organization that used to occassinally publish a so-called humor magazine—Yeah, I used to write for the Crimson, what about it?—exploded things and pissed of their neighbors per tradition. Nobody really knows what goes on inside the castle, but it definitely involved a confetti canon and a shitload of pyrotechnics.

Something strange is going on at Harvard, though. Amidst the apocalytpic ‘Poon thang, a section of balcony from an adjacent building fell from the heavens to injure two repentent smokers (probably) hanging out below. On top of the female orgasm seminar and events we can’t joke about, there might be a 28 Weeks Later sequel in the making in Cambridge.

The mild self-indulgence above could be read as a eulogy. To myself. If I get swine flu from the dentists. After the jump, a zombie movie about Marcel Proust made by Harvard kids, just because.

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