Brooks Brothers Replaces Harvard With Yale, Adds Columbia

Despair fell upon Cambridge last week when the Yale Daily News gleefully broke the news that Yale’s logo, not Harvard’s, will grace the breasts of polo-clad Ivy superalumni who just can’t bring themselves to swallow the indignation of wearing a Brooks Brothers shirt without tacking on an extra status symbol. Also, from the Brooks Brothers website, it looks like Columbia will be in the line, too.

According to the Yale Daily News, Bloomberg initially misreported the clothing line as including Harvard in an article that has since been removed.

Harvard’s omission doesn’t draw too much sympathy from this blogger, but in order to avoid missing out on that sweet chunk of loyal alumni change feeling left out (again), Dartmouth and Brown should consider tracking down some local artisans for some totally sweet branded hemp parka hoodies, just so alumni can rep their alma maters as they’re walking from their barista jobs to their Subarus.

In case your calendar wasn’t already circled, highlighted, and gel pen-starred, the Brooks Brother line is dropping August 15.