A Long-Deserved Tribute to Joseph Asch: Dartmouth Old Boy, Obsessive, Candidate(?), Alleged Fraudster(??), Accused Racist(???)

Joseph Asch, a member of the Dartmouth class of 1979, and perhaps best known for his involvement with the Dartmouth blog “Dartblog” recently wrote his “last post.” In lieu of seeing him go, IvyGate would like to a pay a tribute to the man, the mystery, the sensation that is Joseph Asch.

Joseph Asch is mister Dartmouth.  This man seriously loves Dartmouth… After graduating in 1979, he went to Yale Law School and — according to his profile on the Dartblog, which publishes posts almost exclusively by Mr. Asch — he founded a few companies, lived in Paris for a while, then moved to Hanover. And, um, since the early 1990s he has been auditing classes at Dartmouth college.  He also

speaks French and Italian fluently, is fond of good wine and his wife’s excellent cooking, and has a passion for history. Each spring he experiences a curious fascination for the music of Mick Jagger.

Douchey? We’re not sure.

Anyway… So, Joe Dartmouth, as he will henceforth be referred, started blogging on the Dartblog earlier this year and then decided to run for the Dartmouth Board of Trustees.  His campaign was going great… I mean the man represents everything your average Dartmouth Review-loving Dartmouth Man stands for, and I’m not just talking about green turtlenecks.

Then The Dartmouth did some supposedly “investigative journalism” into Joe Dartmouth’s hazy past and found out that — whoops! — his company allegedly committed “une fraude fiscale” (French for “fraud”).  His Paris-based company Arand Ltd. evaded a few taxes, but according to a comment by Joe on the Dartmouth article it was NBD. His “accountants interpreted the French tax code differently than the matter in which France’s tax authorities did”. (English for he forgot to pay some taxes, worth around $8000).  When he found out about the mistake the taxes were paid in full and relations with Asch and France were again “amicable”.

Seriously, though- what Ivy grad doesn’t commit a little (albeit, potentially accidental) fraud here and there?  As Tom Donaldson, professor of “ethics and law” at a Penn’s Wharton school of Business would say,

If the devil exists, he no doubt has a high IQ and an Ivy League degree.

On the verge of recovering successfully from his fraud allegations, everything seemed to be going swimingly.

Then Dartmouth found out that Joe was maybe a racist? What?

Scandal galore after the jump.

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