Let’s all transfer to Harvard now

According to the New York Times, ousted executive editor Jill Abramson will be returning to her alma mater (and tattoo inspiration), teaching narrative nonfiction this fall at Harvard. Nonfiction writing majors across the Ivy League collectively shrieked in jealousy. We’ve reached out to admins at Harvard and will update if we get more information.

If you make it into her class next semester, put your narrative nonfiction skills to good use and tell us all about it–and let us know if she follows that great Harvard tradition: grade inflation. Hit us up tips@ivygateblog.com

Update 1:50PM Harvard made the announcement as well, confirming Abramson will be teaching undergraduates in the fall and spring. Undergrad Program Administrator Lauren Bimmler told IvyGate that the classes “are open by application to undergraduates and graduate students” and, of course, “[w]e’re very excited to have her!”

Jill Abramson has been inked out

John Harvard Statue

What’s he hiding under all those layers?

According to a new interview in Out Magazine, Harvard alum and New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson has 4 tattoos, including a “T” that stands for the prestigious Times newspaper and an “H” for Harvard — the “two institutions that I revere, that have shaped me.”

Quite why Abramson chose to reveal this is a mystery, but it does confirm that Times editors were at least once young and wild. Plus, Abramson shows some class, opting for the simple “H” over a full back portrait of the Harvard skyline.

“And now I feel like shooting myself for spending, like 10 minutes, talking about such a trivial thing.”

We reached out to current Crimson president Samuel Weinstock to ask about his upcoming alma-matter-associated tattoo plans. Perhaps unsurprisingly he declined to comment, saying that he “[didn’t] really have anything to add.” Tattoos and Crimson presidents don’t seem like they mix at any rate. Ah, to be young and wild.

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God, Jill Abramson Must Feel So Weird Right Now

I suppose all the Columbia girls who complain about Barnard stealing all the Columbia men won’t be surprised: Barnard College, the women’s college across the street from Columbia announced last week that it would be ditching their previously announced commencement speaker, Jill Abramson Harvard ’76, the first woman to be Executive Editor of The New York Times, for someone named Barack Obama. Obama, a little-known, media-shy ’83 Columbia grad will finally get some recognition—he’ll be receiving Barnard’s Medal of Distinction!

Looks like he’s finally catching up with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who received the award when she spoke at Barnard’s commencement in 2009. Better still, Obama is the first African-American man to receive the award! Way to make strides for African-Americans in this world.

Check the comments on the Bwog post for a sampling of student reactions. As always, there’s plenty of indignation to go around: Columbia students miffed that Obama is speaking at Barnard and not Columbia, Barnard students asking why a male Columbia graduate was preferred to such a trailblazing woman as Jill Abramson, Barnard students who would have preferred Michelle Obama Princeton ’85 (yes, Princeton has tried—she’s never coming), misplaced Ron Paul supporters who must be lost and confused wandering around Manhattan: Read the rest of this entry »