“I characterize you as Dartmouth’s greatest mistake of all time”

In the January/February 2014 issue of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Abbye E. Meyer, D’02, wrote about her lasting issues with the Dartmouth community — namely the exclusivity inherent in the social structure of Greek houses and senior and secret societies.

Then on Valentine’s Day, Judge Quentin L. Kopp, D’49, got in the spirit of the holiday and wrote Meyer an ode, of sorts:

“You claim feelings of ‘…loyalty and shame.’ I am ashamed of you.”

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Everything Is Different Now

A tipster points us to this ad (via Gawker) from CollegeClick TV, a website with college tips and statistics, which says:

Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University in 1983 and from Harvard Law School in 1991. Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University in 1985 and from Harvard Law School in 1988. From the Bush League to the Ivy League. Education is the power to change.

The ad even has some Photoshopped ivy creeping up the front of the White House. As all of you astute readers have undoubtedly picked up on, however, still-President Bush has bona fide Ivy cred too, having graduated from Yale undergrad and Harvard Business School.

Come to think of it, actually, Bill Clinton and George Senior were Ivy grads also.

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“I’m Trying to Stay Positive”: I-Bankers Speak Out

Though some people think the “fundamentals of our economy are strong,” a lot of people recognize the Dow’s dizzying 504 point fall yesterday for what it is: the latest development in a giant, evolving problem. In case you don’t read newspapers or talk to others: the bulge bracket investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed over the weekend and is filing for bankruptcy; Merrill Lynch, another bulge bracket i-bank, has been bought by the Bank of America for around half its recent value; and AIG, a big insurance company, might just pull a Lehman.

Where does this leave our i-banking brethern?

Um, it depends on where they work.

One Ivy alum who is/was working as a Lehman analyst had this to say:

I didn’t get the official word until Sunday night.

I’m shocked and disappointed. I’m just trying to stay positive.

I’m out of a job at the end of the week but at least I’m young. I can pick up and come back. I feel sorry for the older guys who just lost a fortune.

Lehman analyst on Merrill Lynch:

I have friends over there. They don’t really know what’s going to happen. They just have to wait and see how and if they’re integrated into Bank of America.

Basically, it’s like what happens in mixed families, only some of the kids are going to be laid off and go back to grad school.

An Ivy alum working for an unnamed but major investment bank that is still standing had this to say:

Everyone’s a little afraid but my Managing Director says we’re comfortable. And if the market recovers the people who do survive are going to have a strong advantage.

On the subject of next year’s crop of Ivy interns and analysts, this banker says:

They’re fucked.

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