Watch A Brown Student Troll A Hurricane Sandy Broadcast

Amid the chaos yesterday of Hurricane Sandy, one Brown student apparently thought it would be funny to score an live, on-air interview and then question the legitimacy of the storm (props to Daily Intel’s Kevin Roose, Brown Class of 2009, for finding the clip). When NBC reporter Alison Bologna asks Brown junior Daniel Moraff why he would brave the weather in Providence, he responds:

“I’m still pretty skeptical. I don’t really believe that there’s a hurricane. I know the government wants us to think that, but think about it — the earth rotates very quickly.”

How droll, Daniel. You must write for a Brown University humor publication of some sort.

Although confused, Ms. Bologna moves forward with the interview, probably thinking, “well, that sounds like something they teach at Brown.” However, when she gets to her next question — school cancellations — Daniel’s attempt at a joke becomes clear:

“Well, you know, the government definitely wants you to think classes have been cancelled. I’m not so sure.”

Brilliant trolling Daniel! Fantastic performance!

To her credit, Ms. Bologna clearly realizes at this point she’s being messed with, and does her best to expertly distance herself from Daniel by looking directly at the camera. Watch it for yourself below:

Internet Troll for Princeton 2012 Class Secretary

IvyGate has been scolded for its recent treatment of Princeton, and we would like to apologize for our misdirection. For all this time, we were clearly mistaken in our impression that the vast majority of Princeton students were humorless passive-aggressive freaks whose own secret self-hatred could only be revealed in their proclivity for ALL-CAPS or boldly noting “Ivygate has gotten really anti-princeton lately” in our comments.

But alas! Humor is alive and well in New Jersey. And in, of all places, student council elections, where popularity contests among 150 or so people must be treated as very serious matters.

The kind people over at the  University Press Club have offered to the public an actual application which they have deemed, “Best Class Government Application EVER!” Although The UPC redacted this candidate’s name to ******, for practicality’s sake we will refer to him as Steve Holt!

Yes, this lovable Princeton man proudly sources his comments as “his visionary voice.” When asked the million-dollar question why do you want to be president?Why do you want to get involved in class government?” Steve answers:

As a very outgoing and politically involved individual, I have found that my medium of choice, commenting on PrincetonFML and Daily Princetonian articles, can no longer give me the breadth of reach my visionary voice requires. Class government and its mass-email opportunities present a unique opportunity to let everyone know what witty commentary I have to say. Whether it is a simple yet timeless outpouring of “LOLZ” or the more sarcastic and biting “LAWLZ,” the people deserve to know my trifling opinions on the inconsequential news and gossip of Princeton life.

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