And We’re Off

Some housekeeping: we’re taking a break for a bit, and will return to regular posting in early December. In the meantime, if you want to write for us, get in touch. (And be sure to follow us on Twitter.)


Be the Future: Work for IvyGate

Three things:

1) In a few days you’ll see IvyGate all dressed up in a cleaner, faster design. We’re adding nifty things like WordPress asides (for shorter items) and subtracting less nifty things like that ungainly tag cloud and the Google+ dingus. Nothing huge, but everything should look nicer.

2) We need people! This is our call for contributors. Can you make Ivy League sports—beyond Jeremy Lin—at all interesting? Email us. Do you think we’re missing a critical area (e.g., a particular Ivy) in our coverage? Email us. Do you possess the personality to write a sex/relationship/whatever column? Email us.

Are you toiling away at your campus daily, struggling to tolerate your monomaniacal editor-in-chief, and just not enjoying yourself? Email us. If you can write pithily about the Ivy League’s darker elements—the unalloyed obsession with class; the anxious tallying of achievement and prestige; the unapologetic scramble to grab as much money and power as possible—email us. If you want to help us break news, email us.

IvyGate lives and dies on the strength of its writers, but we also want  students and recent grads who can design stuff, cut video, or devise clever headlines. If any of that sounds exciting, email us. We’re also looking for a dedicated individual to help plan larger editorial projects—i.e., a co-editor. If you can commit 15-20 hours a week to making IvyGate as entertaining and essential as possible, email us, and we’ll talk. It’ll be awesome.

Also: for all positions and responsibilities, IvyGate very much encourages women to apply.

3) Anything else you might want to offer? Email us at And if you want to talk to, swear at, or insult me: I look forward to it.


Some Housekeeping (and a Blind Item!)

So it looks like Hell Week is going to bleed into next week—there’s just too much hazing for only five business days! We’ll have the haziest Ivies (and the haziest Ivy, of course), plus the finale to DartmouthGate, which seems fixing to become exactly what we’d said it would: a shitstorm.

Speaking of which: we’ve got a super-shifty blind item—with a pictorial hint!

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