Cuz We’re So Hood?

Apparently all the Ivy League shenanigans this past semester have inspired Smart Crew to create a piece of “artwork” which has been deemed “Ivy League League Vandals 2010.”

A tipster sent us a picture of this graffiti and a link to the website entitled Smart Crew USA Writers Club.  According to Wikipedia, Smart Crew is:

a graffiti crew from Queens, NY, that was formed by SYCO13, MEY (Meyhem Lauren) and LUK around 1997. Throughout the years, the crew has acquired members and has become a collective of various artists including DCEVE, KORN, ACTION BRONSON, and MARTY. Their crew logo consists of an Old English style “S” with the image of a graduation cap on top.

First,  Smart Crew’s fans decided to introduce this artwork with an Einstein quote – “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” So to fully learn  — you better, right now,  forget  everything you just crammed in the last few weeks. I’m sure that won’t be too hard.

Here are the pictures:

If Einstein wasn’t enough, that had to boost their Ivy cred and cram a Marx quote saying “the smart people will get it” at the bottom of their post.  Really, Smart Crew fans did you have to pull a Faulkner?

Ok, so smart people, do you GET IT? Leave your reactions and musings on how this adds to something in the comments below.