LOL/OMG of the Week: College Students Start an Ivy Vogue

Columbia’s own version of the Fashion Club brings us Hoot, a magazine devoted to fashion, for people who don’t want to read Vogue or Elle or Glamour. We support student enterprise broadly, but, um… why do we need another fashion magazine, least of all one produced by students as poor as we are?

Everything about Hoot is just a tiny bit off: the contributors page described, wonkishly, as “Select Contributor Biographies”; the pushing-the-envelope-too-hard headline on Orthodox Jewish fashion, “Chosen Dress for the Chosen People” (“Jews. PRETTY JEWS” was deemed too tasteful I guess?); the fashion spread of Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon, much of whose clothes come from Bensimon’s own closet. Because this is a magazine emanating from Columbia, there is also what is surely the first of many articles in Hoot on the most important thing any human being can ever do: obtaining a fashion internship.

A fashion magazine is a legitimately huge undertaking, and Hoot ain’t no September Issue. At least it’s not another college sex magazine! Or the dispiritingly sad Columbia fashion blog Charming Frivolity, which recently took paparazzi-style photos of President Bollinger to critique his outfit. Fashion! It’s the new everything else in life!