Swirony: Dean of Harvard School of Public Health Contracts H1N1

441px-Julio_FrenkWe know we’re late on this one, but irony has a good shelf-life. Turns out that the Harvard Public Health School Dean, Dr. Julio Jose Frenk Mora, quietly contracted swine flu earlier this winter. Now that’s not public or healthy!

For context’s sake: remember when everyone’s favorite vampire squid financial institution Goldman Sachs snapped up that truckload of H1N1 vaccines for its employees, while hospitals and schools were left high and dry? Well, Harvard is one of Goldman’s number one feeder schools for young analysts. (Although–double irony!–Goldman grads don’t always treat Harvard that well in return.)

As 21-year-old Econ-happy Cantabs concoct exotic over-leveraging derivatives, rolling in taxpayer-provided bailout bonuses, they’re enjoying better medical security than one of their alma mater’s head honchos, the former Mexican Secretary of Health. It’s a mad, mad world.