Blogger Lambastes Brown U. African-American Groups

“Ms. Education” has taken to her blog to accuse Brown campus black organizations of failing their constituencies due to the influence of Greek life. To take a small part of her screed:

The brothers of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, incorporated arrive for their 7:00PM probate around 7:40PM. As their new pledges (not that they pledge, right?) show off their work, their older brothers pass around a handle of Ron Diaz (Maybe an unofficial symbol I don’t know about?), exclaiming “niggah” this… “niggah” that, on an Ivy League campus, with white students constantly observing and judging black culture as it is (At least they used the “-ah” version instead of “er”. Close call). As they demand respect from those that came to watch, they greet a Latina sorority, who proceeds to do their call. The rolling R, in honor of their language. Two members of the fraternity, laugh, out loud, and one exclaims… “We like that tongue work, baby”. [sic]

The screed alleges that “almost every… single… black group was at risk of failure” [ellipses original] due to dwindling enrollments and a general climate of apathy — and that they may not be worth saving, due to the disrespect and misogyny evinced in the above example.

So far, the blog post has 37 comments, including the angry:

You sound like an interest who just couldn’t make it.

Please don’t go crazy and lash out at organizations you know nothing about because other people were able to attain a goal that you couldn’t.

…the reasoned:

I am not sure how you can claim that Black Greeks have caused the “failure” of Brown’s black organizations…for example, you state that the African Sun, the Brotherhood, the League, etc. have all failed. Out of the list, I would state that only the League can truly be stated as having failed…and this is only due to a lack of interest and not due to Black greek organizations. The African Sun, has not failed. In fact, they produced a wonderful publication this year. Please do not forget that the African Sun was just revived four years ago (after a period of stagnation that had nothing to do with black greek organizations, but once again, due to a lack of student interest).

…and the nonchalant — or at least the proving-her-point:

Wait…. Brown has Black Greek Organizations? Can we ad to the list of flaws bad advertising then? ‘Cause I was looking to pledge but I didn’t find them. Or are they affiliated with other colleges?

The Greater Dartmouth Drug/Alcohol Crackdown: Four Frats and Two Sororities May Face Criminal Charges… Tomorrow?

Boredatbaker gave sketchy testimony… We investigated, and now have multi-source confirmation: the beleaguered Dartmouth greek system is probably in a world of trouble. What we know for sure is that executives of six Greek houses have met with police regarding underage alcohol provision and also, allegedly, the recent SAE DartCoke scandal. Now, the popo are flexing their legal muscles, preparing to press charges. The busted bros and gals?

Fraternities: Alpha Chi Alpha, Chi Gamma Epsilon, Phi Delta Alpha, and Alpha Delta.

Sororities: Epsilon Kappa Theta and Sigma Delta.

UPDATE: The Tabard, a coed house, is also under investigation.

While reports vary, it’s clear that at least a few of the houses, if not all, will be charged Monday with serving alcohol to minors. Some houses have, according to one source, taken precautions and cut back, checking IDs at the door, but others just “couldn’t give a shit.” Cavalier indeed.

Just when we thought the Dartmouth party scene was out of the woods and that anti-frat manifestos were unnecessary, the Hanover Police get all blustery once again, and the specter of intense bakerboredom looms… Apparently, if these charges stick, the houses will be hit with a smattering of pricey fines, perhaps closing houses and driving drinking underground. Well, if so, thanks for the memories and the lolz, Dartmouth greeks. And also the coke.

Personally, we don’t understand how a school with vomit-parties (“Convention,” look for our coverage soon) and an almost-exclusively frat-based social scene can possibly weather these kneejerk Hanover Police, not to mention the crunchy, anti-bro opposition. While distinctively unfratty schools like Yale and Columbia enjoy police more likely to do a shot with you than shut you in the slammer, the Ivy League’s few Grecophiles get busted for open containers at best. Well, and also the coke. Still, seems counterintuitive… We’ll let you know as the story develops.

Three Dartmouth Students Arrested After Frat Bro Turns Them In

We’ve received several emails about the Dartmouth cocaine arrests; serves us right for falling asleep before midnight last night (summer has begun, no?). Brian Shea ’10 and Andrew Lohse ’12  were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly using cocaine in a Sigma Alpha Epsilon common room — per The Dartmouth, the cocaine use was reported to the police by a SAE member. Update: Clark Warthen ’10 was also arrested for witness tampering related to the event.

“This being a small school, I know at least two of the men involved,” writes one Dartmouth student:

Lohse is a broish dude, wears the traditional New England prep school uniform of flannel and boat shoes. Warthen seems like the stereotypical Southern gentleman, but you’d definitely expect him to party hard like they do in the southern state schools.

The tipster also cites BoredatBaker to bolster his belief that Phil Aubart, D ’10, tipped off the police:

Aubart is a senior, very straight-laced kind of guy. He’s in the ROTC and has a very bad rep on campus for being so goody two shoes. No idea if this is true or not, but it makes sense and everyone’s arrived at this conclusion for obvious reasons.

Another source confirms that a “military/ROTC, pretty straight-laced” student — fitting Aubart’s profile — reported the cocaine use, leading to the arrests. We’ve contacted Aubart; stay tuned.

CONFIRMED: Cornell Frat On Twenty Week Social Probation

Another day, another drama for Cornell’s beleaguered frat scene, which never quite recovered from the sort of perfect storm of in(s)anity that this past winter in Ithaca brewed up. First Kappa Sigma lost its charter, now we hear, once again, Alpha Delt is losing its raison d’fratre, and for a long, long time! An anonymous tipster declares:

you may be interested to know that alpha delt was given over 20 weeks of social probation meaning that they are not allowed to have a social event until next spring. Chances are they probably wont be able to make it through the period because none of the bros in the house understand the severity of the situation… ie if they have one social event they will be kicked off campus.  only time will tell though i guess we’ll have a better indication of things next spring we’ll see if they can even make it through the school year.

We’ll take that with the grain of salt the eight to twelve implied [sic]s should indicate. But, hmm! Tipsters, please let us know about the latest twist in the Cornell saga — after all, what’s a frat with twenty weeks of no partying? One even less popular than it already is:

The guys in my house all think that cornell would be a happier place without them around as no one really likes them. the guys in the house are losers.

BREAKING: Kappa Sigma @ Cornell Losing its Charter this Year

LOL, ZOMG, ROFLMAO, et al! We frat-hating, irony-worshipping hipsters here at IvyGate HQ totez hate Greek Life SO much: even more than fun, hazing, and sincerity! OBVI we’re only reporting this def-insignificant news because of our wicked personal vendettaz and insecuritiez.

That said, humor us, because we have a slight inkling that quite a few normal, down-to-earth, fun-loving Cornellians are going to be sad to hear that not one, but two of their frats may soon be shut down. In the wake of our recent announcement of embattled Pike’s closure, we now have exclusive news from a source close to the situation that the Alpha-Kappa chapter of Kappa Sigma (that’s more of a mouthful than dogfood and tabasco!) will be losing its charter this year. According to our tipster,

The national organization has decided to revoke the chapter’s charter after hospitalization incidents during rush week, inappropriate pictures surfaced on Facebook, and a rogue fog machine set of a fire alarm at a pledge party.

This sort of sucks: especially since it’s not ADPhi. Jokes. In all seriousness, the besieged frats at Cornell, for all their foibles, have been on the receiving end of a disproportionate amount of administration crackdown, especially since — as a frat tipster notes — “on occasion, we do good things.”

Ithaca is cold and gloomy; frats are warm and, at their best, booze and camaraderie filled. When they do crazy things, we here at IvyGate write about them; but when they get shut down, we take no joy in Cornell’s loss. Godspeed noble bros; godspeed.

BREAKING: Pi Kappa Alpha To Be Shut Down Permanently @ Cornell, IvyGate in No Way Involved

Oh good lord… So, a few months back we brought you the twisted tale of Pi Kappa Alpha at Cornell, whose rush-week boozefests left three freshmen hospitalized and the campus in uproar. Next, Cornell’s ADPhi bros bit the bullet on account of our leaked hazing regimen.

Well, as the great karmic wheel turns, IvyGate has received the exclusive final word, via a high-up on-campus source: Pike will be shut down, permanently. Apparently, the Interfraternity Council is holding out on releasing the news. According to the Cornell Daily Sun,

a public announcement on the fate of Pi Kappa Alpha is expected within the next two weeks.

But behind closed doors, the decision has been made… The hazers’ days are numbered.

And, by way of our own role in all this (also from the Sun):

Allegations of hazing at Cornell have garnered widespread media attention this year. Particularly, popular gossip blog Ivygate has prominently featured reports of the allegations, with stories being picked up by popular blogs such as Gawker and The Huffington Post.

We wash our hands of all this (after all, to us, ritual-abuse nonsense is a riot) and apparently, so does Cornell’s Associate Dean of Students Travis Apgar, who stated that:

while the Alpha Delta Phi allegations were first publically disclosed by Ivygate, they were simultaneously reported to the OFSA through The Ivygate stories were not the basis of the investigation nor were they consulted as part of it. [IFC President Allen] Miller said that Ivygate was not involved in the investigation, and would not comment on the veracity of its reports.

Let’s just hope this isn’t unintentional paralipsis. As for our favorite quote? From the Associate Dean himself:

Media outlets such as Ivygate sensationalize for the reader.

Whoa, Dean Apgar, are you looking to start something? We’ll tread carefully: we know you’ve got dog-food, tabasco, dodgeballs, naked-laps, and alcohol poisoning at your disposal…

Princetonian Greek Life Insular, Abusive, Whiter Than Switzerland

Just when you thought Ithaca was the lowbrow capital of the Ivy League — and, let’s be honest, it’s not an entirely unfair assumption — genteel Princeton, in impressive dark horse fashion, has catapulted to the forefront in the race to represent ivory tower unseemliness.

The Daily Princetonian is in the midst of publishing “Behind Greek Lines,” a five-part investigatory series focusing on the school’s nascent Greek community this week. While the University’s frats and sororities are usually an afterthought when compared to those more distinguished havens of smug, upper-crust conceit — eating clubs — there’s apparently plenty about Greek life worth noting; in particular, a complete lack of University oversight, pervasive self-segregation and arbitrary bursts of sadomasochism.

For starters:

Surrounded by his pledge brothers and 40 other club patrons, [John] Burford climbed onto the stage and selected a stripper. She removed his shirt, handcuffed him to a tall metal pole in the middle of the stage and began to beat him with a thick leather belt volunteered by one of his pledge brothers.

The above quote was lifted from the series’ incendiary first installment, published Monday, which examined the phenomenon of hazing at Princeton. And strip club beat downs are just the tip of the iceberg. What reporters discovered over the course of their investigation was less of the jovial belligerence of Old School or Animal House, and more of the raging, unfettered psychosis of Lord of the Flies.

[After the Jump: Power booting, “salty” wannabes and even more stripper hijinx! PLUS, exclusive to IvyGate, a sorority president responds to the uproar.]

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Dartmouth Chi Gam Frat Causes Uproar With Misogynist Email

Dartmouth’s Sigma Delta sorority has been passing around a horrifying email from a sophomore Chi Gam bro, with a schedule for a sketchy and outrageous pre-rush event — this after ongoing scandals swirling around Dartmouth’s rowdy Greek scene. In the sisters’ words, “so much for improving gender relations on-campus.” The encouraging author of the frat email to his prospective brothers:

Some of you have gotten hand jobs. Some of you have gotten on table. And a select few have gotten hand jobs under the table. Welcome to college.

Well, welcome to Dartmouth at least! His advice?

Hang the Fuck out. It’s Friday. And It’s Dimensions. You can finally be the man in front of younger girls.

Oh and just in case they missed any horny frosh:

let us know if there are any chill bros you don’t see here that need to be added to the list.

Maxing and chillaxing with blacked out Chi Gam frosh? What more could a girl want!

Full email after the jump:

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UPDATE: Cornell ADPhi Fratboys Placed on Social Probation, Ignore It, and GO AHEAD with Secret Hell Week

It’s been a busy month for our favorite “literary fraternity” ADPhi. First, they got busted for some slovenly hazing. Then, they blatantly lied about it. Next, everyone from Gawker to HuffPost was reposting the story. Well, a week or so ago the Cornell administration got involved, and the news is dire: Reports out of Cornell tell us that ADPhi has been placed on complete social probation. If found participating in fraternity sponsored social events, the bros run the risk of losing their university recognition and possibly disbarment.

Well, you’ve got to give them credit for bravery. According to an anonymous tipster, ADPhi is still having Hell Week, in secret, for their new pledges this week. No less than three of the pledges have been overheard lamenting. Thin ice, guys… thin ice.

UPDATE: Cornell ADPhi Hazing-Bros Swallow Goldfish, Urinate Out of Windows, Have a Ritual Abuse Chamber, and May Be in Trouble [PICS]

A couple of weeks ago we brought you the exclusive and twisted tale of Cornell “literary fraternity” ADPhi’s hazing travails: nudity, dogfood, ritual abuse, etc. Well, in the days that followed, some considerable crap went down: the story went viral, you feisty commenters went wild (it was Spring Break, after all), and new info and multimedia started streaming in from all sides. We’ve held off on updating, letting the story simmer, but now–with pics and fun galore–we can’t restrain ourselves any longer. Here’s what we’ve heard from our tipsters:

  • ADPhi’s pledges were forced to swallow the goldfish that they were asked to bring in the email.
  • A text message from one of the pledges: “Sorry, I can’t make dinner tonight, I’m going to get hazed really hard.”
  • The Cornell administration is currently involved, investigating the hazing allegations. (One of our sources is allegedly being “threatened” by ADPhi bros.)
  • ADPhi maintains an incredibly sketchy “Goat House” (pictured above), a door and windowless tomb accessible only via tunnel, where the brothers perform their rituals. It’s rumored that a few years back an unsuspecting pledge received third degree burns within its shadowy walls.

Oh, but there’s a lot more. Head on past the jump for more exclusive pics, including funtimes inside the frat and an unfortunate use of a second-floor window.

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