George W. Bush, Stop Hatin’ on the Ivy League

First, George H.W. Bush, a Yale grad, derides Dukakis for going to “elitist” Harvard in the 1988 presidential election

Now, George W. Bush, the all-famous “decider,” is channeling, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and every other tea-party/Fox News pundit in directing unnecessary hatred toward the Ivy League.  

In his new memoir, W blames the Washington Elite for blocking Harriet Miers’ nomination to the Supreme Court because they could not accept her lack of Ivy League education.  

According to Bush, these “elites” couldn’t accept that she was 1) not from Harvard/Yale, and 2) not even from the Ivy League. According to Bush, Miers’ education from SMU, or “Southern Millionaires’ University,” isn’t good enough for DC eggheads. 

However, liberals were not Bush’s only target. Good ol’ Dubya points to Ann Coulter, even though she hates her “Plastic Ivy,” as part of this “Washington elite.”

Bush writes in his memoir:

It seemed to me that there was another argument against Harriet, one that went largely unspoken: How could I name someone who did not run in elite legal circles? Harriet had not gone to an Ivy League law school. Her personal style compounded the doubts. She is not glib. She is not fancy. She thinks hard before she speaks – a trait so rare in Washington that it is mistaken for intellectual slowness. As one conservative critic (Coulter) condescendingly put it, ‘However nice, helpful, prompt and tidy she is, Harriet Miers isn’t qualified to play a Supreme Court justice on The West Wing, let alone to be a real one.

Wait… Hold on a second! Coulter watched the West Wing?! How can she write a book entitled “Godless: The Church of Liberalism” after knowing about the Bible-quotin’ President Josiah Bartlet?

Also, Bush – you remember that you went to Yale and then Harvard Business School? Or did you forget that along with the Constitution? You owned a baseball team! Your father was the vice-president and your grandfather a senator. W, you are a case study of the Washington elite.

Let’s remind ourselves that the Ivy League is:

A)    An athletic division

B)    A series of academically-rigorous colleges

However, the Ivy League is not an elitist liberal conspiracy bent on destroying America and “non-fancy” outsiders. These “elitist” institutions reach out to students of all backgrounds to help further intellectual thought in this country.

In addition, SMU’s yearly tuition is $53,365. One would think this is fairly comparable to other Ivy League schools’ tuition.

The Ivy League, SMU, and colleges across the country are foremost institutions of “higher-learning,” and we should appreciate the opportunity to get a college degree. Many in past generations and today don’t get the chance.  SMU is a fine school, and most of these Dallas students have damn expensive cars while at it. It is a cheap shot to use Mier’s lack of Ivy League education as an excuse for her evident incompetence.

Bush, please don’t use the Ivy League, a group to which you clearly belong, as cannon fodder to shape your presidential legacy.  

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EXCLUSIVE: Skull and Bones, 2010-2011


Yesterday, we dropped Scroll and Key and Wolf’s Head. Now, thanks to an anonymous tipster (as always… grain of salt), here are this year’s future leaders of the free world. Yale’s big kahuna Secret Society, Skull and Bones, revealed:
Skull and Bones

  • David Broockman
  • Matt Zuckerman
  • Paul Needham
  • Kunal Lunawat
  • Jesse Reising
  • Kevin Wang
  • Lily Blair
  • Lusdymer Pichardo
  • Kevin Fitzroy Beckford
  • Kate Grace
  • Temeica Bethel
  • Nicole de Paz
  • Jonathan Eng
  • Mallory Baysek
  • S.B.K. Weintraub

Friends and commenters, let us know if we’ve made any mistakes, and we’ll be quick to correct. We wouldn’t want to misidentify any Boners.

EXCLUSIVE: Yale Secret Society Taps – Scroll and Key + Wolf’s Head

Yes, it’s that time of year! Through an anonymous tip, I am happy to provide–for your delectation–the 2010-2011 tap classes of two of Yale’s first-string societies: Wolf’s Head and Scroll and Key. Although we can’t vouch for 100% accuracy, we’ll put our editorial weight behind these lists based on source credibility. Not much editorial content to add: either you know these hot young future oligarchs, or you don’t. (Or, like me, you don’t go to Yale. Sorry, we’ll put up a post on Dartmouth on Thursday!) Who wants to be America’s next top secret society member? These Yalies do:

Scroll and Key

  • Silia DeFilippis
  • Abraar Karan
  • Ka Mo Lau
  • Andrew Gu
  • Jackie Delligatti
  • Katie Bolling
  • Stephen Feigenbaum
  • Cory Finley
  • Elisa Gonzalez
  • Grace Needlman
  • Zach Rotholz
  • Emma Sokoloff-Rubin
  • Michael Boyce
  • Jill Hagey
  • Ben Stango

Wolf’s Head after the jump, and some insights from our tipster:

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Everything Is Different Now

A tipster points us to this ad (via Gawker) from CollegeClick TV, a website with college tips and statistics, which says:

Barack Obama graduated from Columbia University in 1983 and from Harvard Law School in 1991. Michelle Obama graduated from Princeton University in 1985 and from Harvard Law School in 1988. From the Bush League to the Ivy League. Education is the power to change.

The ad even has some Photoshopped ivy creeping up the front of the White House. As all of you astute readers have undoubtedly picked up on, however, still-President Bush has bona fide Ivy cred too, having graduated from Yale undergrad and Harvard Business School.

Come to think of it, actually, Bill Clinton and George Senior were Ivy grads also.

Lesson: The respective successes or failures of a given president have little to do with his Ivy background. Also: Maybe stick with Unigo for now. Read the rest of this entry »

Dubya Gets Stoned, And It’ll Cost You Ten Bucks To Watch

Yeah, okay, maybe my title is a little bit misleading here, but it’s late, and it’s only effin’ Monday, so deal with it, kidlets.  Anyway, W., The long-awaited prequel to the Obama movie feature film about everyone’s favorite Yale grad, is coming out on October 17th.  Just what we need to look forward to, right?  Even more Bush.  The film is directed by Oliver Stone and stars John Brolin as George W. Bush.  After the jump, check out the trailer, where the opening sequence has bizarre aspirations toward Coyote Ugly, George W. Bush makes his Yale hoodie look bad-ass, and George Senior epically proclaims, “Are you chasing tail?  Driving drunk?  Who do you think you are, a Kennedy? You’re a Bush–act like one.”  So, what do you guys think?  Excited about the film or not?  Let us know in the comments.

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