High School Prospies, Break Out the Tissues

Most of the Ivy League have released their statistics for regular decision applications, and it doesn’t look pretty.

Columbia’s Spectrum reports,

  • Harvard- application pool increased 15 percent from 30,489 to almost 35,000 this year.
  • Penn- received a record 30,956 applications, up from nearly 27,000 last year
  • Dartmouth- increased from 18,778 to 21,700. 
  • Columbia- the biggest whammy.  (Anonymous Bwog commenters, parents did indeed allow their precious children to apply to our degenerative school despite the scandals – they even did so in record numbers.)  “Total applications for the Columbia Class of 2015 rose 32 percent from last year, increasing from 26,179 to 34,587 applications.”

IvyGate did a little a digging a Google search and found some stats from the Brown Daily Herald. They write that their “numbers are similar to last year’s. Of the 2,847 students who applied early decision last year, 567 were admitted to the class of 2014, an acceptance rate of 20 percent.”

Princeton’sCornell’s, and Yale’s statistics are still not available, so we’ve provided links for each college’s 2015 Hopefuls forum on College Confidential for your personal amusement.

However, the Yale Daily News did publish an interesting article suggesting that admissions statistics may not be that meaningful. The next thing they’ll say is that college rankings are completely arbitrary and meaningless, suggesting that the whole “top-tier” v. “second-tier” debate mess and the gloating that comes each year with the USNWR Rankings is useless chatter. Oh wait…

IvyGate will try to assure these poor stressed-out souls with some rationale for the most frightening lottery that is your future.

Columbia’s numbers are mostly due to its switch to the Common Application. Since high schools seniors are strangely neurotic and lazy at the same time, they are likely to apply to every single Ivy-like school available on the Common App. We all know that Stanford’s “Dear Roommate” supplement essay on the Common App is considerably less painful than making the extra step to complete a more enjoyable application not featured on Common App.

The Social Network could have been responsible for Harvard’s jump, or the mere fact that its it is Harvard. Since IG told Penn to be more interesting next year,  we don’t know what could have caused an increase in their applications unless for the class of 2015 being ruthlessly competitive. Perhaps the death of Four Loko made Dartmouth’s Keystone Light more appealing, and obviously Harry Potter 7 kept Brown’s numbers constant.

In all seriousness, IvyGate has no idea why applications multiplied this year.

Nevertheless, with all sincerity, good luck high school seniors! We’ll see how it works out come April – I’m just glad I don’t have to go through your misery again.

The Ivy League’s newest Freshies talk about, well how they should talk on the Interwebs

With less than a week until Christmas, new admits and high school seniors have filled the interwebs with endless chatter and unbridled enthusiasm about their potential futures. Of course, planning a meet-up in the city or venting about a supplement essay are sentiments that you should express to innately awkward, type-A  strangers. Perfect idea.

In this chatter, some students have actually considered us here at IvyGate when deciding how to talk about things like, well — how much they will actually enjoy spending time in the library. Trust me, your relationship to the school’s library will always be a awe then hate then love then resentment then nostalgia and then acceptance.
A forum on Brown’s College Confidential  said this when encouraging others to join the official Facebook group.  Apparently, they fail to realize what you write on the Internet, even on Facebook, can potentially be read by everyone, even IvyGate:
If you all wait for the official group, it will be much harder for current Brown students to stalk you and for Ivygate to repost your ridiculous messages. Which would be unfortunate.
Another gem from this College Confidential forum is:
I wouldn’t worry much about current students stalking you. I’d be worrying much more about people who didn’t get in joining the group and trolling like they did on yaybrown.

Yes, trolls are something that you should be warry wary of. Most of these wart-like creatures will do far more than write “Yay brown!” However, you’ll most likely just come across what some might label as “that guy.”

Nevertheless, we encourage all of you to send us what you see cropping out of these Propsie/Freshie blogs and Facebook groups to our tipline. Anonymity is guaranteed.

Although we tease these future college students, it is truly out of love.  Just think us as your Holden Caulfields wishing we were still filling out Facebook roommate surveys. Upperclassmen, just admit it, we all did it. I have to admit that I jumped around uncontrollably out of excitement on many occasions before my first semester. Prospies and Freshies: embrace it, you’ll never have a free pass to do such ridiculous things ever again in the future.

Freshie Corner: Flying Home Edition

Welcome to our “Freshie Corner” series! Over the next few weeks, IvyGate will be launching several recurring features on a variety of topics. (If you’ve got an idea for a running feature or would like to write one, hit us up.) The “Freshie Corner” posts will offer freshmen (or first-years if we’re going to be politically correct) light-hearted advice for hallmark college experiences.

Remember when IvyGate gave you advice on moving into your dorm room? Now we would like to help you learn how to survive what may be for many the first time flying home alone as a college student during the craziness of the holiday season.

What to wear?

  • Wear your Ivy sweatshirt: Herein lies a very precarious balance between college pride and elitist douchiness, (a.k.a. the most blatant way to say you’re smarter than half the people on the plane), but it does have its benefits. Chances are you will see one or two people from your college also wearing college sweatshirts. Consider this your “Bat-Signal” or a non-password needed “Social Experiment.” Get to know people flying back to the same region. Who knows, maybe y’all could split cabs to the airport together in the future.
  •  Wear a dress / suit: Sick of being a college student? Want to create a fake complaint and be bumped up to business class? Boost your credibility in this swindle by learning how the real world works: being able to talk your way through anything and looking good while doing it.


  • According to New York Mag, men are screaming “don’t scan me bro.
  • According to AP, the media is its worst enemy.
  • However, don’t hate on security. TSA Agents hate this, too.

 Does your airport have a scanner? Yes!

  • Harvard/Boston Logan International Airport
  • Columbia / JFK, LGA, and Newark
  • Penn / Philadelphia International Airport

 Final words of wisdom:

  • Technology is awesome. Don’t forget that you can check-in online 24 hours before your flight.
  •  There will always be screaming children – ALWAYS. Be sure to pack Xanax, Tylenol PM, etc. We hope you have pleasant Robitussin-induced dreams.
  • EXPECT superhuman wait times. Pack the iPod, the books, and maybe the remaining semester’s entire syllabus.
    Although JetBlue has bat-shit crazy flight attendants, they’ll let you check in your first bag for free. Yay! You can justify bringing home your laundry for mom!
  • Don’t want to pay $50 to get to JFK? Thank goodness for the ESC and Carsplit.
  • If you are thinking about skipping Wednesday classes, SKIP! You can always blame it on your parents.
  • If you are in your dorm reading this and have a flight later today, we love you for reading this, but seriously you should leave NOW.

 With Thanksgiving slowly nearing, we at IvyGate hope that your travel is relatively stress / urine free.

The Non-Chronicles of Narnia

Dorms fail at being entries into magical worlds, bastions of extra space, and creative fodder for this. However, mahogany wardrobes do.

The start of move-in days and orientations is quickly approaching:

Brown: August 28

Columbia: August 30

Cornell: August 20

Dartmouth: September 15  

Harvard: August 26

Penn: September 2

Princeton: September 11

Yale: August 23

Whether you are a clueless freshie or just a jaded scholar looking for new tips for your new prison cell dorm-sweet-dorm, this is the place for you!

Tips are available after the jump…

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