It’s Been Fun, But I’ve Gotta Run

CowboyWhen I took over this blog almost exactly one year ago, I crossed my twisted little fingers that I’d have all kinds of Internet adventures at the helm of this little lawsuit machine. Dreams do come true!

Within a year’s time, I became the subject of many colorful reader comments, cannon fodder for conservative pundits, and the heartthrob of many a lady first years’ dreams. (I made that last one up. Tell me otherwise in the comments pls!) But it’s been a blast. I love this little blog deep down in the depths of my dark little heart and will miss jeering unabashedly at this ridiculous League we like to call home.

So meet Dan and Alex. You all know them already, and some of you have diverted your heartthrob-envy that way. Dan recently competed on College Jeopardy. (Set those TiVo’s for February 4!) Alex was born in England, has no accent, but is an excellent singer. (I’ve never heard him sing, but he has that sort Damn-I’m-Good-At-Stuff attitude so he can probably croon.)

Over a recent night of ruckus emeritus with the IvyGate clan, I tipped my hat to their recent work and dubbed these two co-editors. So here goes nothing.

If you miss me, I’ll still be blogging bits of obscurity here. And less obscurely here.