Harvard Houses Declare War on Each Other, Take Themselves Way Too Seriously

Seems like some Harvard kids just can’t take a joke (or rather, have to take that joke and turn it into a pompous public statement). For the past few days, Harvard has been buzzing with the all-powerful lameness that seems to be interhouse warfare. You see, when one Harvard “house” (one of 12 on-campus residences, in which most upperclassmen live) plays a prank on another, the pranked obviously, and rationally, responds with a “declaration of war” colonizing their pranker. That’s right, colonizing them.

This all seems to have started when Currier House residents started voting in an internal Adams House poll for a new mascot. Which, when it was discovered that the acorn they were about to inaugurate was elected under suspicious circumstances, prompted not a counter-prank, or a “haha, well done fellow students,” but war. What seems like a fairly decent prank (rigging a rival election, always a good call) has now somehow morphed into really douchey sounding “declarations” from both sides and alliances between Harvard’s houses. Read the rest of this entry »