Dartmouth Exchange Student Charges $10,000 to Someone Else’s Daddy’s Plastic

Dartmouth students seem kind of sinister sometimes. They lurk in the shadowy income tax haven that is New Hampshire, occasionally emerging from the murk to terrorize innocent people with their Sun God rituals. And when they do make news, it’s generally because they’ve done something felonious, like ship drugs to a campus mailbox or–in this case–charge $10,000 to someone else’s credit card.

Isabella Mezzatesta, an undergraduate exchange student from Wheaton College, was nabbed last week by the Hanover police for making fraudulent charges using another student’s credit card number. According to the charges, she has an affinity for Helmut Lang, Thai food, and whatever happens to be served at a restaurant called Everything But Anchovies (presumably everything but anchovies).

Mezzatesta was initially arrested on a misdemeanor charge, but now faces felony charges, which may include seven or more years of jail time. As of two days ago, she was reportedly still “in good standing” at Wheaton, whence she is still scheduled to return when her exchange is up. Wheaton happens to be a Christian college, but evidently no amount of Bible study can protect against the depravity of the Ivy League. Dartmouth 1, Ten Commandments 0.