The Dartmouth upholds standards of journalism: confuses bananas for dildos

Since 1799, The Dartmouth has prided itself on a long and illustrious history of professional student journalism and a commitment to ethical, objective reporting. In keeping with these standards, the newspaper published a correction to its October 17th front-page article that called for an end to the Greek system at the college. While it’s reassuring to know that the paper is upfront about its editorial errors, it’s less reassuring to hear that someone mixed up a potassium-rich fruit with a pretty high-tech sex toy:

Our only question: ejaculating dildo?

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‘A Gross and Insulting Error’: Cornell ‘Astrological’ Society Not Too Pleased with the Cornell Sun

Just landed in our inbox:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: art samplaski < ***>
Date: Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 10:51 AM
Subject: Error in today’s story about the Sagan Planet Walk
To: “”

To the members of the CAS public email list,

As you know from a note sent out last week, there was a guided tour this past Saturday to celebrate the completion of the Sagan Memorial Planet Walk in downtown Ithaca by the installation of a pillar representing Alpha Centauri in Hilo, HI. A story about the event appears in today’s Cornell Daily Sun, which contains a gross and insulting error in CAS’ name. Below is the letter to the editor I just sent when I saw the error; as it notes, the reporter _knew_ her writing “Astrological” instead of “Astronomical”
was in error because I explicitly corrected her about it, and she appeared to cross out the wrong word at the time–yet that is how we were cited.

I am deeply sorry to clutter up people’s inboxes on a matter like this, but I felt the error was serious and insulting enough to warrant it. CAS always has been and will be about educating people on _science_, not superstition. The _Daily Sun_’s story undermines what CAS members have striven for, for decades.

Art Samplaski, CAS

> From: ***
> To:; ***
> Subject: Error in today’s story about the Sagan Planet Walk
> Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2012 11:28:34 -0400
> To the Editor:
> Today’s story about the expansion of the Sagan Memorial
> Planet Walk to include a station for Alpha Centauri
> contains an egregious error in citing the Cornell
> _Astronomical_ Society as the “Cornell ASTROLOGICAL
> Society.” This is a gross insult to the memory of Dr.
> Sagan, who spent his entire career fighting such
> ignorance and superstition; to the Astronomy Dept.
> for the implication that public viewing nights at
> Fuertes Observatory have anything to do with such
> superstition; and to the members of the Cornell
> Astronomical Society, who are devoted to educating
> the public on matters of science. Read the rest of this entry »

Cornell Sun Prints Massive, 322-Word Correction on Front Page

The Sun published a likely unprecedented correction on its front page today (website, PDF):

A news article in The Sun Friday provided an inaccurate representation of Police Chief Kathy Zoner’s response to the recent string of reported sexual crimes on and around campus.

The story, titled “Cornell Police: Sexual Crimes Surge Is Result of Increase in Reporting,” stated that Zoner believes the series of recent sexual assaults this semester “does not reflect an upswing in the occurrence of sexual crimes but rather an increase in the number of victims who have reported them.” There were two major factual inaccuracies in this sentence, which became the premise of the story, its headline and subsequent columns published in The Sun.

For one, Zoner was not speaking solely about the recent sexual crimes reported this semester because she believed she was being questioned about crime statistics over a year- long period. More importantly, Zoner did not say, as quot- ed, that there has been no actual increase in sexual crimes. In saying that more people are reporting sexual crimes, Zoner was referring to a recent Justice Department survey that indicated that many more victims of sexual assault are reporting these crimes than they did in previous years.

Zoner said this statement had no direct reference to the sexual assaults reported this semester and was not meant to imply that there has been no upswing in recent sexual assaults reported on our campus. Read the rest of this entry »