Cornell Students Caught Doing the Nasty in Professor’s Office

Everyone’s played dirty in the stacks, but having sex in your professor’s office takes a lot of cojones. Fortunately there were cojones galore yesterday in an empty Cornell office, where two gay students were caught riding the steam train full speed to O-town. Whoops.

CornellWatch reports that the two students were discovered “‘full on fucking, like, as in a porno or something.” (A highly enjoyable extracurricular, certainly, but not quite the sort of thing you want to register with the Undergraduate Committee Board.) It’s not clear how they got into the office in the first place, but we’re willing to bet that a bottle of Astroglide helped them, uh, break and enter.

As punishment, the two students were apparently required to write an apology note to the professor in question. No word on who he is yet, but we could probably find him by checking a few trash cans for used Wet Ones.

In related news, Cornell students are having sex. Who knew?