Celebrity Sightings at Dartmouth

I’ve been to visit Dartmouth a few times, and the sense I’ve gotten there (please don’t kill me Dartmouth or Yale) is that kids are too busy playing pong (not be confused with the “Beirut” of lesser Ivies) and being cold to care about the kind of celebrity-obsessing that happens at the Ivies to the South.

There was this time André Leon Talley came to Yale and people freaked out, — or pretended to freak out — after they looked up who André Leon Talley was on google and found out some totally trendy news: he was an editor-at-large at Vogue and “really important to fashion and a runway staple with BF Anna Wintour”.

…which is why I think it’s funny to imagine that this Moose, who was spotted on Dartmouth’s Mass Row early this morning and whose photo has been circulated amongst (what else) frat and sorority panlists, is like a real celebrity for Dartmouth kids.

Sure, Dartmouth is the only school close enough to Moose-y forests to actually get a Moose to walk around on campus and it actually would be pretty exciting to see a moose chilling in a college courtyard (and the photo does look ambiguously photoshopped)… But for some reason this photo just sums up how weird Dartmouth is. (This moose is almost as weird as the infamous “convention”, a party at every important Dartmouth weekend that is best described as “a foam party with foam made of vomit”…)