Columbia Daily Spectator to go digital

At a staff-wide meeting tonight, EIC Abby Abrams, BC’15, announced plans for the Columbia Daily Spectator to go digital-first, the first Ivy League daily paper to do so. The plan is not completely finalized yet — the board of trustees is voting on it this weekend — but is expected to go into effect in the fall. In a follow-up email sent to the staff, Abrams explained that the paper will print once-weekly on Thursdays, planning to “showcase in-depth news stories, weekend sports and arts coverage, and opinion content.” 

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Ivies under attack for sexual assault policies

Ah, springtime at an Ivy: students descend on the quad, thesis writers emerge from their caves, and — best of all — high school seniors attack campus with naïveté, un-jaded excitement, and a myriad of questions all boiling down to: Can my host get me alcohol? Is this the school for me?

Columbia’s first Days on Campus program — prospective student visiting weekend — for the Class of 2018 began today. Prospies were treated with a beautiful spring day and  blue and white balloons blanketing College Walk. But they’re also getting another dose of classic Columbia: protests.

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Columbia’s Sachems of the Class of 2014

The Sachems, one of Columbia’s two “Senior Societies,” are a low-key secret-ish society. Most Columbia students don’t even know they exist. The two societies aim to pull together the most powerful senior students on campus, with some taps based on hierarchical lineages (i.e. one student body president taps the next year’s, and so on for various clubs). We’ve no idea what they’ve been up to this year, but we do know who 14/15 of them are.

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Come On Guys: Columbia Theta Throws Stereotype Themed Party

ugghhhh not again

Team Mexico via Bwog

Last night, Columbia University’s Theta sorority celebrated what looks like a good ol’ stereotype-filled Beer Olympics. Groups of girls dressed up as Mexican, German, Japanese, Dutch, French, and Jamaican, according to pictures obtained by Bwog and the Columbia Spectator. Bwog notes that the mixer was held in SigEp–though no pictures of the young men have surfaced yet–and should have been registered with the administration, per Columbia Greek life policies.

At this point you’d think these young women would know better than to participate in a culturally appropriative theme…or at least to not post the damn pictures all over Facebook and Instagram for all to see and screenshot.

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How To Get Into Columbia

just like this

Your dorm room during that month you were a “DJ”

Ever wonder what Columbia University admissions officers are looking for in your application essay? Wonder no more!

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Naked Girls In The Columbia Library

There’s just something about porn and Ivy League libraries. First there was the camgirl in Cornell’s Law Library and now Columbia’s Butler Library plays host to a very NSFW art film called “Initiation.” Sorry, INITIATIØN.

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Rookie Mistake: Never Apologize

“Mmm, yeah. Who runs this show? That’s right, baby, you do.”

It’s one thing to have every major campus news site allude to your selfish actions. It’s another to stand up and attempt to justify yourself. And that’s just what Uchechi Iteogu, C’15, did.

For the second year in a row, Iteogu used her positions of power as an RA and class VP to score nominations for Columbia’s King’s Crown Leadership and Excellence Award, which recognizes students with “outstanding leadership to their community/ies with exemplary commitment and energy.” In an email to her RA floor last year, she asked residents to “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE nominate me for the King’s Crown Leadership Award!”

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Academics… They Fight About Books in Comment Threads!

Adams’s Facebook post

“If there was anything Adams could learn from having a child with Down syndrome, she hasn’t learned it yet.”

That’s the second to last line of Cristina Nehring’s utterly vicious review of Columbia English professor Rachel Adams’s Raising Henry: A Memoir of Motherhood, Disability, and Discovery. Merits of the book notwithstanding (I haven’t read it), Nehring takes obvious pleasure in turning a cruel phrase. Nehring depicts Adams as a narcissistic, selfish mother to a son with Downs syndrome; she unfavorably compares Adams to herself, who has a daughter with Downs syndrome.

Read it for yourself, in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

After the review went up, Nehring sounded the horn: she wrote to an international Down syndrome email listserv for support in the comment section. (A commenter quotes Nehring from there: “I confess that if you felt like throwing yourself into the fray to comment, I’d be touched and grateful.”) In response, Adams posted the above on her Facebook page, calling upon her friends to “please comment in my defense!”

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Drama: A Do-Over for the 119th Annual Varsity Show?

“A tradition of drama, satire, and Columbia spirit”—that’s our annual Varsity Show. At its best, it critically and cohesively ties off one year in Morningside Heights. At its worst, it delivers three hours of dull one-liners that reduce to, “Ha, ha! We go to Columbia, too!”

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The Only College Confidential Post You Should Ever Read

Subject line: “Athlete Going to Columbia–Is Columbia Fun and Preppy!” Behold:


I am pretty sure that I am going to Columbia for crew next year, and I am very excited to be in NYC, but I come from a super traditional and preppy boarding school, and I actually love that lifestyle, and don’t want to lose that in college. I get that Columbia is a cultural melting pot filled with incredibly smart people from all over the world, and I totally appreciate that, and that is one of the reasons I like Columbia, so I can open my horizons.

BUT… I have grown up in a preppy environment my whole life, and some of you might say that I am an elitist, but I love the tradition, the lifestyle, the community, the clothing, and the education. I want to make sure that I am still getting part of that experience that I love and have grown up around.

I don’t want to be the only person dressed in hunter rainboots and a barbour wanting to go to a kegger party, and I don’t want to have to deal with a bunch of intellectuals chain smoking cigarettes on the Lower steps 24/7. This is a little silly, but I also want to make sure that there are boys I can date here that share at least some of the things that are important to me…


To the author, username abullock: they’re called the Low Steps. And—please—pick another school.