If You’re Ok With Sex, ‘Sex and God at Yale’ Will Confuse You From the First Chapter

Nathan Harden, Yale ’09, just released his first book, Sex and God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad. The book has some street cred, as Harden is a Yale man himself, and the foreword comes from no other than fellow Bulldog Christopher Buckley, Class of 1975.

However, all of Harden’s arguments are based on the basic principle of “eww, sex.” And if you don’t hold his views, Sex and God at Yale gets real confusing, real quick.

In the introduction, which is puzzling for a whole host of reasons, Harden attempts to identify with an imagined freshman girl at Yale, exploring the weird, wild world of the university. Harden-as-freshman-girl discovers Olympic gold medalists and African orphanage builders scattered around her dorm, so how should she, just a simple small town girl, separate from the pack?

“Let me give you a clue,” Harden says. “You had better throw any ideas you have about self-respect and women’s equality out of the window.” Because, lest you forget, this is Yale, where people play by their own rules. And those Yale boys want one thing: sex.

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