Ivies under attack for sexual assault policies

Ah, springtime at an Ivy: students descend on the quad, thesis writers emerge from their caves, and — best of all — high school seniors attack campus with naïveté, un-jaded excitement, and a myriad of questions all boiling down to: Can my host get me alcohol? Is this the school for me?

Columbia’s first Days on Campus program — prospective student visiting weekend — for the Class of 2018 began today. Prospies were treated with a beautiful spring day and  blue and white balloons blanketing College Walk. But they’re also getting another dose of classic Columbia: protests.

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RagTime: You Dropped a Bomb on Me Baby Edition

  • Princeton: Experienced a morning bomb threat
  • Columbia: Administrators approve gender-blind housing
  • Brown: Library union agrees to a four-year contract
  • Penn: IFC president might resign after arrest
  • Columbia: Stole Judith Butler away from Berkeley