Brown Student Radio Gets Lawyered Off the Airwaves By Private School

Point: Brown is a thriving hippie commune, where cool is uncool (and vice versa) and alty-proggy musical mish-mosh takes the day.

Counterpoint: Absolutely not! Who peddles these stereotypes? (Certainly not us here at IvyGate.) The student body can be astonishingly, even disappointingly normal. Just look at all those Brown students diligently studying economics with the intention of going into banking or consulting (albeit with some shame).

As it turns out, both sides seem kind of hopeless, as evinced by a recent debacle in which Brunonians were outmaneuvered by the managers of a day school — thus damaging the stature of an independent, student-run radio station (a hipster’s platonic ideal) and making Brown kids look like bungling negotiators in the process.

Here’s the story: Brown Student Radio was leasing its radio signal from The Wheeler School, a private academy (N-12) that practically sits on Brown’s campus. A menagerie of modern glass and steelwork attached to old fashioned red-brick buildings, the school would blend perfectly into Brown’s campus if it weren’t so well maintained.

As if it wasn’t embarrassing enough that Brown students had to rent their signal from a secondary school, consider the fact that the administrators from said institution effectively lawyered the hell out of BSR just the other week. Wheeler administrators apparently “‘slipped in a clause’ that allowed them to terminate [the] lease only 15 days in advance” according to the Brown Daily Herald. They slipped it in, and then they used it. BSR concluded 14 years of analog broadcasting on August 1st, when Wheeler abruptly terminated the lease. Read the rest of this entry »