Scout Willis, uncensored

Our old pal Scout Willis, Brown ’13, has publicly returned to Twitter and is using it to promote a good cause: nipples. Last week, Scout posted a picture of a sweatshirt that she designed with an image of topless women on her Instagram, leading Instagram to delete her account for violating community guidelines. She has since taken to Twitter (@Scout_Willis, bio “BougPunk lives“) to express her discontent with their censorship of a sweatshirt she designed women’s bodies.

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UPDATE: Scout Willis Calls IvyGate, Deletes Secret Twitter Account, Has No Comment

Earlier this afternoon, Brown student and miniature celebrity Scout Willis ’13 (pictured right, with her mom, Demi Moore) left IvyGate a breathless voicemail demanding that we call her back. Shortly after that, she deleted the secret Twitter account we reported as her own. We soon returned Scout’s call, and in the ensuing conversation she told IvyGate that she had “absolutely no comment” because we “had already made enough assumptions for today.”

To Scout’s credit, the conversation was rather civil—quite unlike the unfiltered id known as @BOUGPUNK.

(Around the same time of our call the National Enquirer rewrote our original story under the headline “TWEETY PIE EYED! DEMI & BRUCE DIRTY DAUGHTER SCOUT.”)

Also: One of IvyGate’s attentive readers commented that no, no, no: Scout’s Twitter account was a satirical final project for a class at Brown:

Get some journalistic integrity, dude. This twitter was a final project for a class last semester that was 100% satire.

100% satire. Right. If so: for which class? Taught by which Brown professor? Do you know? Email us immediately. As in right now. For the time being, we will ignore the absurd idea that @BOUGPUNK would actually pass for a final project at Brown, or anywhere in higher education. And I guess you can ignore the fact that Scout’s Twitter feed commenced in late October of last year and continued until late last month. Because that totally sounds like a final project.

Even if Scout’s secret Twitter was some kind of final project (or belonged to one), even if she intended it to be satire (which it’s not—really, Scout doesn’t understand satire) then MAYBE IvyGate’s coverage is the point of the whole project. Of course! That was the idea of that Yale abortion art thing, right? Why not? Expect a Shvartsian essay in the Herald tomorrow.