Penn’s UA Board Wants to Rewrite the Booze Policy They Were Caught Violating, So It’s All Good

According to Penn’s outgoing UA President, Tyler Ernst ’12, no new business should be discussed during a President’s last UA meeting. Except when that President’s name is Tyler Ernst.

The DP reported on Monday that Ernst plans to suspend the usual voting procedure this Sunday to vote on changes to Penn’s alcohol policy. His reasoning? There’s a new board coming in, and “it is only natural to vote on a resolution while the current body is still intact.” Which is kind of weird, if you consider the current body’s terrible history of disobeying its own rules.

Last November, the UA got busted violating Penn’s alcohol policy—the very policy it was (and is) attempting to amend—after a guest columnist in The DP (who, granted, had recently lost an election and may have had not the noblest of intentions) detailed a UA hazing ritual for freshman members involving alcohol and, supposedly, blindfolds (see right). What’s more, the columnist specifically named and quoted Ernst, UA Vice President Faye Cheng ’12 and UA Treasurer Jake Shuster ’13 (yes—that one!) as participants in the event.

So the very people charged with updating Penn’s alcohol policy were also charged with breaking it. And now they’re going to change that policy by breaking a different one. Read the rest of this entry »

RagTime: Change is Difficult Edition